Title: Owner

Company name: Crystal Clear Pools & Spas, LLC

Birthday: July 30, 1982

Family information: Married to Sonny Scott since May 31, 2013. He co-owns Trinity Turbine Technology in Rosharon. We have lived in Danbury for almost seven years. We have five children; Makayla, age 21; Lauren, age 20; Hanna, age 19; Creed, age 18; and Carter, age 5. We also have one granddaughter, Huntley, age 1.

What path led you to your chosen profession? Was it well-planned or a happy accident?: It was a well-planned accident! I was in the process of planning a completely different business venture and months into that process when the opportunity arose for me to purchase Crystal Clear from my dad to help him out. All of my research and planning for starting the other business made the transaction of purchasing Crystal Clear very smooth, quick and easy. There were several bumps along the road that halted the other venture and I kept questioning if it was the right thing for me to do or not because I felt like God was giving me hints. I now believe it was all a part of His master plan for me to get where I am today.

What trade, professional and civic organizations do you belong to?: I am the president and founder of the Danbury Police Department Citizen's Association. We sponsor the Danbury Police Department Blue Santa Program, host the Danbury PD Daddy Daughter Dance as well as maintain the Danbury Blessing Box that serves as a free 24-hour food pantry to the citizens of Danbury. Former president of the Danbury Athletic Booster Club and Danbury Project Graduation.

What volunteer or civic achievement is most important to you?: All of them are important and significant in my life. I feel in my heart I was blessed with the gift of compassion, knowledge, organizational skills and drive to help others for a reason and seeing the outcome of my time, efforts and hard work in the gratefulness and happiness of those in their time of need is what makes me happy and want to continue to do the work that I do.

What career achievement are you most proud of?: I am very new to business ownership, only owning Crystal Clear since February, but I came in to a business barely surviving and employees afraid of losing their job and I immediately applied what I have learned through the years working with non-profits. I have seen a very quick change in the direction Crystal Clear is headed and in the morale of my employees and that has made me proud I made this decision despite it not being my "dream." I feel that Crystal Clear has a bright successful future and we truly are a family and a team here.

What personal achievement are you most proud of?: I am most proud of my children. Watching them transition into different phases in their life and now into adulthood I see them applying the things I have tried to teach them through the years and their drive to be successful and help others. My hope was always to teach them to be gracious, compassionate, motivated to be their best and to continue to grow as a person. I was a stay at home mom for most of their lives so I had the privilege of having them with me each day and most of the time they were a part of my volunteer work. All three of our girls are currently attending college. Makayla is pursuing a career as a paralegal at ACC, Lauren is attending LSU to obtain a degree in Child and Family Services and will graduate a year early next spring and Hanna is attending cosmetology school at San Jacinto College. Creed is a senior at Danbury HS and plans to either join the US Coast guard after graduation or follow his dad's footsteps and start a career in welding. Carter is our 5-year-old ball of fire that keeps us on our toes and keeps everyone either laughing or wanting to pull their hair out! This kid will be famous one day!

What are your career aspirations?: My plan now is to continue to grow Crystal Clear, eventually adding more services and stores throughout Brazoria and surrounding counties. One day when the stars align I would like to continue moving forward with opening my dream business.

What leader has inspired you and how?: My late grandmothers, Mary Peterson (Grannie) and Lou Vines (Mom-Maw), were my biggest inspirations in my life. Grannie was always a woman's woman. She owned Climate Heating and Air Conditioning, was president of the Angleton Chamber in 1989 (I have her plaque hanging on my office wall) and was very involved in her church and community. She always pushed me to educate myself on various things in life and was a wonderful example of the unlimited possibilities for women in this world. Mom-Maw was a tough but caring lady. I have heard so many stories about her when she worked at Bud's restaurant in the 1970s and keeping the teenagers in line when they would come in after school. She then started an in-home daycare when my oldest brother was born and continued watching kids for over 30 years. She raised half of Angleton during that time. She was strict but those kids loved her and respected her, including me. I am glad I had their leadership and love during my childhood to look back on and continue to guide me throughout my life.

What are three attributes that leader has that you admire?: Grannie, I admire that she was firm but in a loving way. She just wanted more and better for her family and those around her. She was also a true leader and pioneer for women in our community during a time when most women were housewives and a woman having a career outside of the home was not the norm. She loved to share her talents and knowledge. We spent many days painting, sewing, dancing and any weekend I spent the night with my grandparents we were in church that Sunday. Mom-maw, I admire that she was strict with a purpose. Back then I probably didn't understand the significance of her consistency in enforcing her rules but that helped shape who I am today and my drive to do what is right and stand for what I believe in. She was very caring and a great friend. In her later years she was the chauffeur for three other older ladies. Every single day she would go pick them up and they would make their rounds to different restaurants in Angleton each day for dinner. She spoke on the phone with them every morning as they checked on each other. She also loved to bake and share her goodies with anyone who walked through her door. One day I will pick up that attribute!

What is a quote or motto that you live by in your professional or personal life?: "The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others." — Albert Schweitzer

What are your hobbies?: I love farm animals and working outdoors. I have three horses, five goats, one alpaca, 10 chickens, five ducks and three dogs. Sometimes I spend hours out in the barn or just working around the yard. I also enjoy reading. If I find a good book I will read every spare minute I have until I am finished with the book.

What is a guilty pleasure others might be surprised to learn that you enjoy?: I enjoy going to gay bars and watching drag shows with my girlfriends for girls' night out. I reluctantly went one night with friends and found that they are some of the most talented, friendly and entertaining people I have met and now I enjoy and look forward to going and meeting new people.

Favorites book, movie, TV show, music genre, sports team?:

Book: "Five Presidents" by Clint Hill

Movie: "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"

TV Show: "Chicago Med," "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago PD"

Music genre/performer: I love all types of music but classic country if my favorite. On a crazy or bad day 1980s and '90ss hip-hop is my go to!

Sports team: Houston Astros, of course!

Any other information you would like to include?: I need a spa day.

Do you have a postsecondary education? For all undergraduate degrees, include the institution, degree, year graduated and major.: Brazosport College Police Academy graduate, 2006

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