Heading into the Memorial Day travel weekend, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and other members of his party are falsely blaming President Joe Biden for higher gasoline and lumber costs.

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I wonder if McCarhty would spontaneously combust if he told the truth? Republicans like him and reality don’t go together.


Gas prices were rising before the pipeline hack. Come on AP have some truth. You attack Trump got 8 years with many wrong allegations, RUSIAN HOAX!!! ( who lowered sanctions for Russian pipeline??? BIDEN)

It’s been written in many business models the UN era did recent executive orders by the buffoon has affected gas prices. 100% to blame no but a certain degree

AP when will you stop your biased reporting and put on big boy pants. It’s called truth


Hogwash. The high prices are due to biden's pen


AP use to be a dependable News source but they have become propaganda for the dem party. Coverage and tone has changed since Trump left




Ok native you laugh. Please point out all the articles the facts has posted from AP where they attack directly and blame Biden on the border DISASTER for example. They just give the news. Now when Trump was in office they directly attacked him and blamed his policies.

They are news. They protect dem

Politicians. Just like the facts does???

Bidens and Cuomos sexual allegations are silent with the facts. But Trumps werent


Only you would draw a connection from a pipeline hack to sexual allegations against Democrats. So again I say, hahahaha.

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