The spread of novel coronavirus reached the Pearland and Manvel areas after the Brazoria County Health Department announced Wednesday the addition of two confirmed cases, bringing the county total to four cases and one hospitalization.

A 50 to 60-year-old Pearland woman and a 55 to 65-year Manvel area man were both confirmed to have COVID-19, officials said.

The spread of the virus for the woman was travel-related, not community spread, but the Manvel case’s source is yet to be determined, Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta said.

The man is under hospital care but remains in stable condition, Sebesta said. The judge was unaware which hospital was caring for him.

Brazoria County Health Department officials are in investigating the origins of the particular contagion of both cases, he said.

“They are currently visiting with the patient to figure out the origin and who she has been in contact with,” Sebesta said.

The woman patient possibly contracted the disease from the Northwest U.S. during a ski trip, but that is not confirmed, the judge said.

The patient is self-quarantined at her home, he said.

Despite the additional cases, Brazoria County did not expand on any restrictions Wednesday and encourages residents to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to stay healthy and stifle the spread.

Clute resident Brelynn James was not shocked when she heard more cases popped up.

“I’m expecting to see more cases,” James said. “You see people are still going out to bars and flying out and not taking it seriously.”

James doesn’t think the epidemic will last long but hopes people will take better care of themselves, she said.

“The numbers are going to increase and climb,” Sebesta said. “This outbreak is not going to just stop and go away. Anyone who thinks that just isn’t paying attention.”

The cities in Brazoria County are entitled to make any additional precautions deemed necessary, Sebesta said, but extra precautionary measures will be discussed Thursday with public health authorities.

“We also are in tune with Governor Abbott and will listen to what he has to say,” Sebesta said. “Any executive order he makes, we will follow suit.”

The two cases from Alvin remain self-quarantined since Thursday and are improving each day, Sebesta said. The cases were believed to be contracted at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo earlier this month.

Pearland officials could not be reached for comment late Wednesday.

Nick Irene is a reporter for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0149.

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Keep on hyping it up, news media! You people are disgusting!


I’m sorry but they are just reporting the news. You know unless you’ve been a reporter or a community leader in any way during a disaster you would know that they are darned if they do and darned if they don’t. Not going to please everyone.


Thank you for the information.


The only thing disgusting is people touting conspiracy theories and not not following guidelines from Public Health officials. All I know is that I have a relative in the San Fran area who is employed at a VA hospital, and they are already at capacity for severe respiratory cases. That means that Veterans will be getting turned away for care. This is not a media conspiracy, its a health crisis that we should all be taking more seriously.


Agree, and when it hits close to home they will change their tune.

Toni Roden

I apologize for my morbid sense of humor in these dire times, but I can't help myself. On Monday, March 23, in the sports section Mr. Parks wrote of the local flounder. I noticed in the caption of the picture presented that the gentleman who caught a flounder stuffed it with his wife. I just wonder how his wife felt about that?

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