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ANGLETON — County officials will continue watching the increasing COVID-19 cases but are not concerned about another spike just yet.

“They have been up and down a bit, but we are continuing to watch those numbers,” Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta said. “We are going to play things by ear and watch things happen and if we see a need to go back to daily reporting, then we will, but right now, we are still reporting weekdays on our dashboard.”

Friday’s report of 87 additional cases was the county’s highest single-day report since June 1. Sebesta detailed how the count is misleading.

“People know the routine by now,” Sebesta said. “There were 87 on Friday, but 48 of those were old cases over 14 days old. We have had a facility or two in the past that hasn’t been very good about reporting in a timely manner. People still need to be careful and smart.”

Monday’s count of 125 was a combined total from Saturday, Sunday and Monday, averaging 41.7 cases per day, according to the county dashboard.

Brazoria County Health Director Cathy Sbrusch and her staff continue their surveillance efforts through the recent increases, Sbrusch said in a statement.

“There are also reports of camps (church camps, etc.) being an area of concern,” Sbrusch said via email. “People are also relaxing with masks and social distancing, regardless of vaccine status. All of this, plus the emergence of the Delta variant, which has a risk of higher transmission, higher risk of severe disease and causes those infected to have higher viral loads, could explain the rising numbers. All of this shows why vaccination is so important and that wearing a mask would be beneficial to help slow the spread.”

Brazoria County COVID-19 vaccination rates are approximately 42 percent, Sbrusch said.

There have been reports across the country where areas with low vaccine rates are experiencing an increase in cases, Sbrusch said.

Vaccinations have plateaued at county offices with appointments rarely coming through, Sebesta said.

“It has fallen off,” Sebesta said. “We get an occasional appointment request and walk-in, but we have seen the demand for vaccines dry up.”

The Brazoria County Health Department has “plenty” of vaccines and is ready to vaccinate anyone interested, Sbrusch said.

Nick Irene is a reporter for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0149.

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Biden shifted COVID designated monies to housing for migrants due to his failed border policies. Won’t read that in the facts


While the one day report is not concerning, I would hope that Judge Sebesta respects the citizens of Brazoria County enough to understand most know how to read a graph over time, seeing the trend, not just individual data points. Yes, some cases are reported very late, which has been an issue since reporting began. If Brazoria County officials truly are not concerned about another spike, when the data suggests it might be possible, and this is happening as we speak, simply does not make sense. It is akin to ignoring a Hurricane Watch because it is not a Hurricane Warning. At minimum, now is a time for concern, even if action is premature. It is definitely a time for those who have refused vaccinations, and are in good health, to reconsider whether they are refusing out of pride and stubbornness, lack of understanding of the vaccine, or lack of love of neighbor.


It's time to be very careful. If you truly love love your neighbor as yourself, you will get your vaccine a d wear a mask.

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