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Angleton ISD will require everyone on campus to wear masks indoors under a policy change approved by trustees during a special meeting Wednesday night.

Parents will have the choice to opt their child out of wearing face coverings, and face coverings will not be required in outdoor settings, the district said in a news release.

The requirement will take effect Monday. The district will have masks available as needed.

“I am very proud of the AISD Board of Trustees for working together during this difficult time and through this decision,” Superintendent Phil Edwards said. “The board’s commitment to the students, staff and community of AISD is commendable. I fully support and recommend this resolution.”

If parents choose not to have their child wear a face covering, they will need to sign a waiver form and return it to their child’s school administrative offices, the news release states. The waiver form will be available at noon Thursday at district and campus administrative offices and

The board’s decision comes after the district shut down all its campuses last week to help control the spread of COVID-19 among students and staff. After a dip in cases once classes resumed Tuesday, junior high and high school cases jumped again Wednesday.

In all, the district reported 203 active cases Wednesday, with 182 among students and 21 among staff. Angleton High School, with 68 student and three staff cases, and Angleton Junior High, with 40 student and two staff cases, accounted for two-thirds of the district’s total.

Under the resolution approved Wednesday, trustees will reassess the mask requirement at its October meeting. Edwards also can modify the mask policy as needed based on the district’s current circumstances.


A Brazosport ISD campus with the highest percentage of COVID-19 infections will operate on an optional attendance model today and Friday, the district announced.

Clute Intermediate School had 52 students and seven staff members with active COVID cases as of Wednesday, according to the district’s virus dashboard. With 836 students at the school, the infection rate is 6.22 percent.

The district chose to make attendance optional to separate the infected while allowing the majority of students and staff who are COVID-free to proceed as normal, Superintendent Danny Massy said.

“It still reduces the number of students dramatically at school, and it keeps the door open for the parents of the kids who feel comfortable sending them to school,” he said.

No other BISD campuses are under any restrictions.

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(7) entries


Great move AISD! Thank you for helping our kids, families and teachers. Smart and timely.

Father of Six

And you never speak up for the unborn. Coward.


Huh??? And what does that have to do with a mask mandate? Deflect much???

Father of Six

So is Phillis canceling all sports? Are the Wildcats forfeiting the game this week? Well no. Shame on you Angleton School board. Vote them out.

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Phillis? Really? You're better than that Fo6.


Name calling??? The duty to put the needs of the many ahead of the needs of the few extends even to people one has personal relationships with, like friends and family (utilitarianism). AISD school board task is for the greater good; this mandate is necessary and appropriate. Good job.


I'm waiting for the day doctors and nurses come out and say, by the way when we operate on you for open-heart surgery on you, we don't wash our hands, and we won't wear masks while we do it for 5 hours. I want to see how the anti maskers feel about that then

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