ANGLETON — A COVID-19 outbreak in a local daycare center prompted its closure for at least two weeks amid a surge in the number of new infections being reported each day by Brazoria County.

The Imagination Station Learning Academy at 948 Hospital Drive in Angleton is scheduled to be closed through at least Aug. 2, a sign posted on the daycare facility’s door states.

“The Health Department provided recommendations for quarantine and the facility is following the appropriate CDC recommendations,” Public Information Officer Sharon Trower said in a statement.

Reached by telephone Wednesday, Imagination Station management declined comment when asked for specifics about the center’s COVID situation, including how many people were infected and how the outbreak was identified. It is not known whether the infections involved staff or children.

Children younger than 10, who are not eligible to receive the COVID any of the approved vaccines, represent 8.2 percent of the county’s active cases through Wednesday. There were no active cases in that age group a month ago.

Combining the two youngest age group, those 19 and younger account for almost a quarter of active cases at 23.7 percent as of Wednesday, county data shows.

Residents in their 20s, 30s and 40s continue to make up the largest share of active cases, county numbers show, with each age group having about five times as many current cases as residents in their 70s.

That percentage dropped to 5.3 percent, with 29 children testing positive within the last week, according to county data. However, total positive cases have jumped over the previous five reports from 483 to 546, according to county data.

Wednesday’s reported 153 cases was the highest single-day total since 193 were reported March 3.

July has seen cases skyrocketed to a seven-day average of 78 new cases reported for the week of July 15 through 21, more than five times the same period as a month earlier. The seven-day average for June 15-21 was 14.1 and it was 24.7 for the same period in May, according to county data.

County staff began reporting case counts on weekdays only in early May. The Facts calculated the seven-day average by combining the five daily reports and dividing by seven, since the county combined its weekend case counts into its Monday report.

Brazoria County is averaging 21.3 daily new cases per 100,000 residents with a 1.34 infection rate and 9.8 percent positive test rate, according to COVID Act Now.

Brazoria County’s full vaccination rate among residents 12 and older is 51.44 percent; people younger than 12 are not approved to receive any of the COVID vaccines, the state vaccination dashboard shows. Just under 48 percent of eligible county residents were fully vaccinated a month ago, according to state data.

Nick Irene is a reporter for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0149.​

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Feeble Joe was bragging he had COVID under control. Where’s the articles on this. You did this to Trump. I predicted Biden will be given a free pass on COVID by dem media like the facts. But man did they attack and blame Trump. No news here


And trump said Covid would miraculously go away by Easter of last year and Covid was a hoax. I can see why you blame Biden for trump’s failure…smh


Trump got the vaccine done which Harris Biden and dems said they wouldn’t take. But they did and now promote Trumps success in getting this done. Now biden bragged about COVID being under control and he fell way short of his promised goal on vaccines Trumps not in office anymore. This is now Bidens baby and he is failing AGAIN. COVID is on the upswing which counters his lie. So he reverts 615 million of COVID designed funds to his failed border policy. Of course Morris’s and the facts won’t place any responsibility on biden or any other dem. They shield all dems because they are a left wing propaganda outlet

Biden has had as many COVID deaths as Trump per his time in office and the facts and dem propaganda news is silent


VP Harris actually said "If the public health professionals, if Dr. Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I'll be the first in line to take it, absolutely. But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I'm not taking it." Remember trump and his administration tried to overrule FDA guidelines for the safe development of the vaccine in a transparent attempt to have a vaccine before the election. Once he couldn't get his vaccine by the election, he spun the vaccine into a bad thing and a Biden problem. Funny how trump is vaccinated yet won't come out and tell his supporters and other unvaccinated people to get it although they are spiking with cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. The Biden administration has been pushing vaccines and acknowledging the spike in cases. Even the Republican Governor of AL said that it's time to put the blame on the unvaccinated for the current pandemic surge. Your anger about the allocation of covid funds should be at Judge Henry in Galveston County for signing the declaration to direct $6 million in covid relief to the border wall construction. Wait, he's a Republican so I'm sure you will justify it.


The facts , dems and dem media laughed at Trump when he said the vaccine would be ready. Trump was spot on and facts and others were wrong as they usually are


Everyone is always wrong but trump lol.

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