JONES CREEK — If there’s been news around the neighborhood to watch out for the elusive creature known as “Bigfoot,” rest easy. The experts have come to town, and they say a Brazoria County resident’s sighting was of a migrating creature, who saw no reason for a prolonged stay in the area.

After a visit to Jones Creek, the location where a local woman reported an encounter, the Searching for Bigfoot team and its live capture team leader T.J. Biscardi were confident in saying the creature had moved on.

“We were there the 15th and 16th,” Biscardi said. “We did our two nights’ investigation and didn’t see any tracks, but my theory is this: It’s an area where they’re migrating through, looking for a place where they can’t be impeded. They’re looking for a place to live.”

The resident, wishing to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule, had been driving down CR 400, on her way home but forced to slow down after an object was visible in the street — a felled tree, she had thought. When she got close enough to see the object clearly, it turned, looked at her and threw a snake in her direction.

After hurrying home, she and her husband returned to the scene, finding the snake and keeping it frozen until the team arrived.

“They had the foresight to keep the snake in the freezer,” Biscardi said.

That the sighting was near a wildlife refuge matches previous reports, Biscardi said, as the creatures will deliberately move to places where human activity is low to nonexistent. This makes surveillance and tracking of the creatures difficult, however.

“We spoke to a biologist there, and he said he’d never seen the creature, but if something wanted to live there, it could,” he said. “They’re in their southern migration now, so they’re here now, in Texas, in areas where there aren’t people, places where they can’t be harmed.”

This pattern of behavior is partly why Biscardi believes the creatures to be, at the very least, semi-intelligent, he said.

“I believe they can think through things.”

The team has been traveling in Texas, following sightings and reports from residents all over the state. At present, the group is in Commerce, following up on a lead.

“Out here near Sulphur Springs we’ve found tracks,” he said. “The creature is likely here right now. We’ve had numerous sightings and eyewitness accounts of the creature here, and this is one of the hotspots. Two people had even seen an albino in Buffalo, Texas, which was the fourth or fifth sighting of an albino creature.”

Though he couldn’t divulge too many details about their tracking and surveillance procedures, Biscardi described some of the techniques expert Bigfoot hunters employ.

“First, you get the stories from the folks, but you have to make sure people aren’t seeing bears or anything else,” he said. “I’m looking for physical evidence. So, we’re taken there, then we set up our cameras and bait, and it depends on where we are, how many cameras we can set.”

Biscardi stopped himself before revealing what, exactly, baits a Bigfoot.

“I don’t want other people to know,” he said. “Because it works.”

One surefire way to check if creatures are in the area is to employ a call-and-response technique, using a special sound learned from years of tracking.

“It sounds like no other animal you’ll ever hear,” Biscardi said. “If we get responses, then we know they’re in the area. Next morning, we’ll come back, make sure everything’s still good and check our cameras. If there’s nothing, that’s that.”

Like many others, Biscardi was a Bigfoot skeptic most of his life, even though his father, Tom, is one of the more famed Sasquatch hunters in the country. One experience in 2008 turned the younger Biscardi around on the whole idea.

“I was on expedition in Paris, Texas, my father had invited me to an investigation at Lamar Point,” Biscardi said. “I want to say about 100 yards from our vehicles, there were prints. I thought it was all staged. As the evening went on the guys started saying ‘There it is, there it is!’ So I figured there was a guy in a monkey suit, hoaxing these folks.”

Anticipating a ruse, Biscardi rushed out to the shadowy figure, expecting to nab a pretender in costume.

“As I got closer, I could see the silhouette,” he said. “Ten or 12 feet away from it, it stood up. And the fear hit me. This thing was tall, lanky and the hair actually wasn’t very thick on it. It turned around and walked off through the swamp.”

That was enough for Biscardi to spend his subsequent years chasing the creature, hoping to prove to himself and others that what he saw was real.

“Since then, I knew there was something to this, so I decided I was going to find this thing and prove it exists,” he said. “I want my kids not to laugh at me. Now, I’m in my dad’s spot, and honestly, it’s strange.”

Ian Goodrum is features editor for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0159.

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wondering how many others have seen this creature in the Jones Creek area... Only the one?

Joe velazquez

I found some rare foot prints in my land this weekend I wonder what they are I got pics

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