Shelly Sanders

Gage and Blake miss and love their Nanny and Papa very much!

Sara Richards

I want to send a Shout Out of heartfelt appreciation to Vernor Material & Equipment. They have stepped up in countless ways to help our elderly and staff here at Country Village Care. This COVID-19 has rocked our world in so many ways. Our community helping each other is what will get us all through this difficult time. Thank you VME for caring. Your one of our many heroes. God bless you!

CK Millsap

Shout out to Troy and Sabrina Brimage for your contribution to A Night In The Spotlight. Appreciate and thank you for your help and support. Our volunteers and sponsors are the backbone of our successful event. We could not do it without you. You guys are super.

Allyson Garcia

To my Communities In Schools students at Clute Intermediate: I miss you all so, so much. I hope that you are all safe and spending time with your families. I cannot wait to see your smiling faces back on campus.

Rachel Williams

Shoutout to my brother SteveO! Missing you and thinking of you. We’ll get through this — love ya. XO

Christina Hyde

Just wanted to say I love and miss my sister Jessica and my best friend Tori so much, and I can’t wait for this to be over so I can finally come home to visit.

Ashlee Merimon

We miss you Grandma Lear and Grandma Kelly! Love Zoey, Chloe, Jojo, Kodee and Gabbi.

Sherry Clark Wheeler

I miss each and everyone of my sweet first-graders at Danbury Elementary. I miss the funny stories, questions, aha moments, their love of learning and hugs. I think about and pray for each of you daily. ((Big Hugs)) Love, Mrs. Wheeler.

Cori Webb Ingram

I miss my Brazoswood family and all of my students. I’m looking forward to being back at school together, and I’m praying for you all. Even during a quarantine, it’s a great year to be a Buccaneer!

Heather Jackson

My AJH seventh-graders! Team Magic for the win. I miss all of you and my crazy work family. I hope you all are safe. Be well and be kind! Hope to see you all this week on Zoom.

Kelsey Collier Brooks

Missing the teriffic third-graders at Ney Elementary. Keep on learning! Hugs; stay safe! Mrs. K. Brooks.

Cathy Mosqueda Castelluccio

I miss my sweet Brannen Kinders. I miss your smiles, your enthusiasm for learning and your caring hearts. Much love to you. Mrs. Castelluccio.

Clara Johnson

Shouts of love and birthday blessings to one of God’s greatest soldiers of the cross on her 93rd birthday, Evangelist Pauline Hall. Mother Hall is a fountain of praise and an honored member of the Living Waters Holiness Church, where Bishop Hollis Hall is the angel of the house. Our prayer is that you will have all the joy your heart can hold, all the smiles a day can bring, all the blessings a life can unfold and may you get the worlds best in everything as you have given your best in everything to the world. Our prayer is that God will continue to strengthen you and bless you in the days to come.

Rebecca Polk Goins

Shout out to the amazing tutors of the Brazosport College Math Center. They trained on a completely new way of tutoring for them and are excited to help finish out the semester successfully. I am truly blessed to lead such a wonderful team.

Parrish Gayle

I miss my Westside kids, their hugs, their smiles and getting to sing Happy Birthday to them. Love all of you, Mrs. Gayle.

Tracy Roe Kopycinski

I miss all of my prekindergarten students past and present at T.W. Ogg Elementary. I love you all and can’t wait to get back to our new beautiful school. Sending big air hugs to all of my students. Love Mrs. K.

Marie Reyna Zarate

Missing my grandsons Gabe and Lucas Zarate. Can’t wait to see them, hopefully soon.

Ashley Binnion

I miss my precious Beutel family and my sweet group of kindergarteners! Ms. Binnion loves each of you and misses you terribly. Big hugs!

Maria Rodriguez

I miss all my students from Westside Elementary, past and present. Watching you all learn and grow makes me very happy. Can’t wait to see you again. Love, Ms. Rodriguez.

Narlene Plank

I miss my Beutel family, students and teachers. I miss all of the sweet smiles and joyful singing. Keep smiling and singing. Trailblazers!

Pamela Baker Horton

I dearly miss my sweet kindergarten class and my Brannen family. I miss the magical moments and wonder that we experience together in our classroom every day. I miss you all and am sending big hugs.

Lisa O’Donnell Terrasa

I miss my sweet pre-K “Dolphins” class at Wee Place Preschool! They are the best littles. Cannot wait to be with them all again.

Steve Teresa Mageors

Missing my g-babies and all of our Velasco Seagulls and families.

Monika Kestler

I miss my dad (Popo) and son Tristen. I hate being so far away from you guys. Praying all this is over soon so I can come down and visit. I love you both very much.

Frances Janik Vaughn

Love and miss all my kids and grands, Mark, Lindsey, Matt, Peyton, Russell and Maddison. Miss my sisters and brother and their families, too. Love you all, Jim, Janet and Mary Kay. Stay home, and stay safe.

Cynthia Garza

I miss visiting my mom, Dora Garza, and my dad, Joe Garza, but I know it’s best to follow the stay-at-home order. I pray this is over soon so life can get back to normal. Thank you, to all the nurses, doctors and all essential workers that are working at this time.

Ruth Bradley Jones

I miss all the students that attend Bess Brannen Elementary School. As the music teacher, I have the pleasure and privilege to see all of our students. I miss their warm smiles, their caring hearts and eagerness to learn. I will be so excited to get back and create music together again. Love y’all, Mrs. Jones.

Kathryn Adams

I miss my SEARCH students at A P. Beutel, T.W. Ogg and Stephen F. Austin so much. I hope we get to be together in class really soon. Thinking about you all and praying for your safety every day!

Kelsey Lea

I’m missing my family in Brazoria County since I can’t come visit from Louisiana. I hope I can come soon, I miss y’all so much. Rick and Dorothy, Donna and Matt, Grandma and Nona and Poppi. Love you!

LMary Rose Pistone Fuller

I miss each and every one of my first-graders at Bess Brannen Elementary. Big hugs to all of you from Mrs. Fuller.

Barbie Luedicke Hicks

I’m missing all my students at Angleton High School. I love seeing them laugh, grow and change every single day. I miss their high fives, hugs, little talks and how they impact me. Ready to see all of them. Love y’all, Mrs. Hicks.

Clara Johnson

Shouts of abundant grace and congratulations to Pastor Michael Johnson and First Lady Cheryl Johnson in commemoration of their first appreciation services at the White Oak Baptist Church. Love and blessings to Pastor Larry Griggs on such a dynamic message, “A Servant Leader,” Psalm 37:23-24. We also applaud the fantastic members and supporters of the White Oak Baptist Church, Lillie Bryant, Rita York, Cora Mack, Julia Mack, Dr. Melvin Johnson and the Heart of Christ Praise Team. Love and blessings to each of you and may you rest in the knowledge that just as God has created eagles to dwell on top of rocks and in the clefts of high places for protection. He has created those who trust in Him to be likened to eagles, soaring majestically through life. Isaiah 40:31.

Juanita N Victor Marquez

We at Happy Faces Early Learning Center miss all of our children that have been staying home. Can’t wait to see your sweet faces and morning hugs. Praying for our entire community.

Wendy L Rangel

I miss all my grandbabies, all eight of them. I have never gone this long without seeing them all … it hurts my heart. I cry every now and then, but I know we have to be safe and I pray every day that this mess hurries up and passes. I miss all four of my boys, too, and I’m praying they all stay safe and healthy, in Jesus’ name we pray. I also miss my mom and my sisters and my brother, too. I miss my dad and all the rest of my family. May you all stay healthy and safe. Love you all with all my heart.

isa Keonitzer

I miss all of my precious third-grade students at Frontier Elementary. Looking forward to being back in our room soon. Love, Miss Keonitze.

Jackie Riggs

My Polk Pandas, I miss you all so much! I can’t wait to hear about all the awesome books you’ve read and give you all a hug. I hope you’re safe and I love you all. Love Mrs. Riggs.

Tammy Davis

Miss seeing my grandkids Karsyn, Brooklyn, Braeden and Trenton. Missing all our regular customers at Sweet T’s Diner. Thanks to the ones who have been supporting us in call-in orders and deliveries. Hope to see y’all soon.

Maria Espinoza

We miss our students and families at Freeport Elementary in Freeport. We can’t wait until the day we can get back to school.

Denise Osborn

I am really missing my grandkids, Emily, Colbie, Nora, Bryce, Grant, Ryan and Rowan. I miss their funny stories and most especially their hugs. Love Grandma.

Vanessa Coale

I miss my entire second-grade class at Frontier Elementary. I can’t wait to see you again. Love, Mrs. Coale.

Michelle Martinez

Barrow Derrickhands, I miss seeing all of you in PE. Stay active and healthy! Love, Coach Martinez.

Sandy Coday Eddy

Miss my Velasco family, especially my team that I work so closely with: Shenay E White, Tiffany Hughes, Brenda Ramirez and Jessica Gourley Blalock, Margaret Meadows Hoppock, Yolanda Lincoln, and Teresa Mageors. And yes … everyone else! I just miss us all, and my students.

Alison Thomas Romero

I miss spending time with my children and grandchildren. Stay home, stay safe. Love you all, Mom/Gran.

Shey Willcoxon

Missing all my All-American gym kids and their families.

Dora Rodriguez Garza

I miss my daughter, Cynthia Garza. We’re both practicing social distancing. I also miss my Noon Water Aerobics friends, Bonnie Payne, Lorrie Payne Mclure, Susan Weaver Kaspar, Helen Galvan Aguirre, Norma Halla, Betty Cordoba, Rafys Garza, Estella Martinez and all the other members of the group.

Irma Pulido

Miss seeing Preston’s funny faces here’s a hug, miss Jake and Lindsay, Maverick, Madison and Taylor, Keisha. Stay safe love and hugs.

Barbara Brannan

We miss our grandbabies, Kelton and Stetson. Lolli and Pops miss and love you.

Nancy Aluiso Lopez LaTejana

Missing my grandson, Romell, and my little niece, Nylah Luna, Veronica Nieto and Angie Skyy.

Deana Wheeler

I miss my daughters and sweet granddaughters, my church family and the staff and kids at O.M. Roberts Elementary.

Amanda Gonzales

My friends from school; Mia, Jazlyn, Ellie, Ava, Natalie, Natly, Gracie, Alex, Brianna, Chandler, Bridget, Selena, Olivia, Gabon, Allizay, Jenna, Chaden, Rylee, Essence, Mya, Aubrey, Taylee, Daianara, Zoe, Summer Walters and Hannah Southall. — Lindsey Franklin.

Belinda Mendoza Ramirez

Really missing my granddaughter Mia Jones and my daughter Jennifer Mendoza. Prayers going out to Brazoria County and please hunker down.

Shelly Sbrusch McCormick

I’m missing my first-grade class at Central Elementary. Stay safe and I can’t wait to see you all.

Bailey Amanda Mathews

Dear CPM Pre-K 3, We miss you all and we can’t wait to have fun in school again! Love, Ms. Jessica and Ms.Bailey.

Susan Knight

I miss seeing my Special Adult SS class at First Baptist Angleton. Love to Bill, Dee, Dennis, Leo, Levi, Barbara, Edith, Pam and Mary.

Miste Cross Gonzales

Coen and Gracyn Gonzales are missing their Granny and Gramps (Este & Felix Gonzales), their cousins Zach and Abby and their Gaga Kristen.

CK Millsap

Huge shout out to Brad and Gayla Baker of Lake Jackson. Many thanks for your contribution, help and support for A Night in The Spotlight. Because of volunteers and people like you, we can make it happen! Our night Sept. 12 is going to be a memorable event for some very special kids and peace officers. Heartfelt thanks for you, your time and talents.

Tonya Willis Epperley

A great big “Hello” to all of my extended family at The Gateway at Lake Jackson. I’m just a phone call away!

Kimberly Vackar

I miss all of my second-graders at A.P. Beutel! And my second-grade team of teachers … I mean friends!

Jennifer Mercer

I miss all my wonder fourth-grade Broncos of Bess Brannen. They are the best. I miss laughing and learning together. Hugs from Mrs. Mercer.

Darlene Brumley Ringo

I miss seeing my grandchildren Gabby and Kalani; and my son randomly stopping by the house on his way home from work.

Ashley Pavlicek Bruce

I miss my sarcasm buddy. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with family. There is just not enough sarcasm in my house. No one is getting my jokes, Regina Dobbs Tidwell. I miss your face and my little buddy Ty Ty!

Michelle Hamilton Patrick

Missing a hug from my dad, Mitchell Hamilton, in these uncertain times!

Sophie Hall

Kids Party Planet misses all of our wonderful customers. Can’t wait to open. We pray y’all are staying home safe and healthy.

Amy Easterling Dillahunty

Missing Northway MDO students and co-workers.

Kayla Jones

Missing my sister Ashley LeDuff. Hate we didn’t get to celebrate your birthday together, but soon as this passers, we are having a great celebration. Love you.

Grace Wamback-Garcia

My JBC crew from COC. Looking forward to when this all passes so we can pick back up on our JBCs.

Liz Martinez-Dvorak

Shout out to our residents at Vanderbilt Apartments. Remember we are here for you. #Alonetogether

Pauline and Eddie Garcia

Hi to all our Angleton Angels Special Olympic Team. Coach and I miss and can’t wait to see y’all. Stay safe and we will see y’all in the fall.

Heather Elaine Martin

Panther Band Booster Inc. is missing all of our great band kids, grades 6-12. We can’t wait to see and hear you again soon.

Scarlett Tandy

We are missing our youth students at Roots Flc. We can’t wait to meet in person again and hang out. Stay safe and enjoy your family. Stay connected with us on social media. Love y’all and praying for you.

John Presa

Missing hugs from my kids and grandkids. Trevor and Katie, Nana and Pawpaw love you very much and can’t wait for y’all to spend the night again. Love y’all. Hugs and kisses.

Yvonne Ramirez

Missing my Sweet Pea very much. Love you Jocelyn Jean — Auntie Yvonne.

Heather Smith Brewer

I am missing my mother. Oh what joy it would be to hug her neck, kiss her cheek, hold her hand and have our simple conversations again.

Patty McKee Kiehl

Missing someone that has a special place in my heart.

Hollie Nail

Miss all the WPE students and staff! Stay safe and hope to see you soon.

Shelly Sanders

Blake Violet misses her bestie Haley Grace very much. Love you!

Clara Johnson

Shouts of love and birthday blessings to Joyce Williams, JoAnn Johnson and Jackie Watkins who are faithful congregants of the Zion Temple AME Church and the Rev. Mark Jackson is the shepherd of the house. God bless your wonderful birthdays with love and happiness, and we are grateful in knowing that according to God’s promises, He will bestow you special graces for the way that you have enriched the lives of others. “Delight yourself also in the Lord, He will give you the desires and petitions of your heart.”

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