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CLUTE — A 27-year-old Lake Jackson woman turned herself in to the Clute Police Department on a misdemeanor charge of a false alarm/report Thursday in connection with a social media post.

She admitted to authoring the Tuesday post that stated while at a Kroger in Lake Jackson, someone had tied a plastic bag to her car door. She continued by saying she observed a Hispanic man being arrested who had chloroform in his pocket, according to the Clute Police Department news release.

The post circulated around the community, causing alarm and calls for everyone to protect themselves when going out to businesses. In retellings of the incident, the location was changed to Kroger in Clute.

The Angleton and Clute police departments observed the Facebook post and researched whether the story had any truth behind it. It turned out to be a hoax. The story is a known urban legend on social media pages.

Both departments put out statements on Facebook regarding the misinformation.

The Clute PD had not made an arrest for a similar type of incident before, so they contacted other police departments in the area in search of information on other reported occurrences.

Clute Police Chief James Fitch hasn’t seen a case like this locally, but has been aware the story has been out to warn people for the past few years. Her reasoning behind the post is unknown, he said.

“This isn’t new,” he said.”These things have been floating out there on the internet and everything for a couple to three years and every once in a while, somebody will read it somewhere and take it for the truth,” Fitch said.

Because of individuals being fearful of imminent serious bodily injury, a warrant was issued to arrest the person who made the post. She turned herself in to the Clute Municipal Jail, the news release said.

It is Facts policy not to name suspectes who are charged only with misdemeanor-level offenses.

The Clute Police Department and other local agencies were inundated with phone calls from concerned and frightened citizens requesting information on this incident as well as concern for their safety, according to the Clute Police department press release.

“What makes this one different than others is that our suspect made an actual claim that this happened to her and was reporting that this actually happened to her,” Fitch said.

She was arraigned Thursday by Judge Jack Brown, who set her bond at $2,500 bond.

Andrew Tineo is a news reporter for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0151.

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If a report wasn't filed with the authorities, then how can she get in trouble for spreading a rumor or like it reads an urban legend,. If that's the case then everyone that has spread a rumor at school, work or anywhere else needs to go to jail. Just stupid.

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