An employee holds a bottle of ivermectin designed for use in cattle and swine inside Reifel’s Feed and Ranch Supply in Brazoria. The store sells the drug only for use in animals.

People trying to self-treat to avoid being hospitalized for COVID-19 instead are finding themselves under medial care for consuming high doses of the drug ivermectin.

The North Texas Poison Center recently reported they’ve received 52 poisoning calls for ivermectin this year, compared to six through August of last year. Sixteen of the 52 calls from this year have been in August. The Mississippi Department of Health said last week 70 percent of its poison control cases have been linked to the people taking the drug outside of medical guidance, including many who took the form intended for livestock.

Teresa Dowling is the news editor for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0154.

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Any drug can be misused, but Ivermectin is safe, when used correctly. It has been proven to lessen the severity of Covid.


One study, retracted and never replicated, does not prove anything. Many adults misunderstand the difference between proof and evidence. In this case, even the evidence is wanting, from a standpoint of scientific validity.

Father of Six

I don't have worms or parasites and I use it everyday. Lazy and disrespectful reporting. I can only assume Mr. Morris and Mrs. Mintz put you up to this propaganda.


People are getting side affects from the generic altercations drugs called vaccines which they aren’t really a vaccine according to many doctors

Facts and vaccine propaganda folks don’t want the real truth about alternative methods. I question these doctors. Mexico City and India will disagree from actual studies and results



There are more of these. Has the facts done any real investigative review on this or just same lazy responses like trained robots


The facts should check this article on Ivermectin

According to this our government CDC uses Invermectin for refugees


Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

We already knew. They use it to treat parasites, not COVID.

There is a stark difference between ivermectin issued under a doctor's care and people self-treating with ivermectin from a feed store. Anecdotes and not evidence. Full-scale, controlled studies are taking place on the efficacy of prescribed ivermectin, as noted in the story.

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