House Speaker Dennis Bonnen called a visit to his Lake Jackson home last week by the director of a “non-partisan grassroots citizen organization made up of gun owners and lovers of liberty” an intimidation tactic.

On Facebook, Chris McNutt and the Texas Gun Rights page accuse the speaker of blocking House Bill 357, which would allow the unquestioned right for people to carry guns without a license.

Maddy McCarty is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0151.

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While I don't condone this practice, I do not see evidence of an actual threat. Maybe more media coverage should be given to Antifa and other groups that actually do make threats and attacks in support of the Socialist Democrat Party.


These days a perceived threat is a threat, nonetheless. There are rules to play by and McNutt is not following the rules. Going to the residences of congressman when he knows the congressman isn't home isn't playing by the rules


Of course you don’t see a threat because this man didn’t show up at your house. Never appropriate to go to a politicians house unless you are invited. But way to try and pin this on the Democrats......pitiful deflection.

Lauren LaCount

I think this story lacks some key information:
1.) This was not a visit only to Bonnen and legislators, it was a multi-neighborhood block walking campaign to raise awareness and garner support for an issue done by a large group of political supporters of the 2A issue.
2.) A flyer was handed to DPS who put it on Bonnen's door, in no way was this some big thing. If our elected representatives are so easily intimidated that their families can not be passed on the street by constituents they may need to reconsider their participation in politics as a family.
3.) If they support the second amendment, I would hope that IF anyone ever were to visit the Bonnen home, they would have taught their child proper steps to take in self defense. God Forbid, seriously, but this is ironic! The fact remains, regardless of who is on either side of the door, this is a perfect example of why we need constitutional carry in Texas, I should not need a licence to walk out my door with protection, period, people ARE crazy. The person who flyered the area in organized and peaceful support of his cause in this case was not however and this is pretty disappointing behavior from Bonnen, I thought he was less sensitive than this.
And Finally, 4: He said he couldn't kill the bill, then he killed the bill, and here we go again with people voting without asking for positions on issues. As someone who ran for the Texas Legislature in November proudly in support of constitutional carry and eliminating property taxes I can tell you, this is only the first time this year people with an R behind their name will act like anything but Conservatives.

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