HOLIDAY LAKES — A Holiday Lakes resident and her family wanted justice after their neighbor shot their dogs to protect his own, but a grand jury declined to bring any charges.

The district attorney said the case is evidence Holiday Lakes’ leash law needs to be better enforced.

Sydney Boudreaux rushed her dogs Lazuras and Hermoine to an emergency veterinarian Jan. 8 after she heard them be shot outside her home, she said. The dogs survived.

A Brazoria County grand jury decided not to return charges against the shooter Feb. 21, District Attorney Jeri Yenne said, defending his action since the shooter was protecting his small dog.

“Would you watch your dog be potentially killed?” Yenne said. “The man was screaming for help and he had to resort to shooting the pit bulls. It’s unfortunate that this had to happen.”

Boudreaux and her daughter, Zaylah, were inside their Holiday Lakes home when Boudreaux was startled by loud thuds from outside, she said. When she opened the patio door, she said she witnessed a horrific scene.

“I opened my door to see Lazuras, my boyfriend’s dog, not able to walk and covered in blood,” Boudreaux said. “Then I see Hermoine come in, also covered in blood.”

The dogs were rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic where the doctor found seven bullets inside her dogs — five in Lazuras and two in Hermione’s abdomen.

Boudreaux was concerned for the dogs’ and her family’s safety, she said.

“Since when is it OK to fire a gun toward my home with a woman and child inside?” Boudreaux said. “He violated deadly contact, trespassing, animal abuse and shooting in city limits.”

Boudreaux and her family were shocked by the decision to not press any criminal charges.

“There was no justifiable reason for this,” Boudreaux said. “It’s been two months and nothing has changed.”

Yenne offered sympathy for everyone affected but sided with the grand jury’s decision.

“The grand jury thoroughly reviewed this and took it seriously and sensitively,” Yenne said. “The grand jury was correct with their ruling. It is an unfortunate situation and an unnecessary event all around.”

The investigation indicates the shooter’s smaller dog was being attacked by the two pit bull terriers through an 8- by 8-inch hole at the bottom of the fence. Neighbors said they heard the dog screaming loudly as it was being drug through the hole in the fence.

Boudreaux was wearing headphones and Zayala was playing when the man acted against the dogs, she said.

The man had to do what he had to do, Yenne said.

The man reported the incident and admitted to the shooting, Yenne said.

Boudreaux maintains her disagreement with the decision.

“His dog was always running loose and terrorizing our dogs,” she said. “Our dogs never left our yard. Period.”

Holiday Lakes has strict leash laws in effect that Yenne said the town needs to better enforce.

Former Holiday Lakes police chief David Wallace said he could not believe the decision.

“I think she was done wrong, quite frankly,” Wallace said. “He should’ve gotten something. I mean, it was his dog that got out and was bothering her dogs. They were just protecting their property.”

The police chief before Wallace, Harold Douglas, presented the case to the grand jury and did not discredit their ruling.

“I’m not going to second-guess the grand jury as far as I’m concerned,” Douglas said. “It’s just a bad situation that involved some poor choices.”

With no criminal charges pending, Boudreaux was recommended to file a civil or a small claims suit against the shooter to cover veterinary bills and damages caused, she said.

Both dogs will have bullets stuck in their bodies for the remainder of their lives and Lazuras suffered nerve damage, Boudreaux said. The situation cost her family $1,500 in medical bills and emotional trauma, she said.

“We as a group just want justice for our dogs and our family,” Boudreaux said. “My 5-year-old was in the middle of all of this, and it’s not been easy on her.”

Nick Irene is a reporter for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0149.

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If your monsters are out and trying to kill my dog, they’re going to get killed themselves. If you choose to have a dog breed that was created to kill and is severely injuring and killing people and/or animals EVERYDAY then you’d better keep them contained. We won’t stand by and watch them attack without defending ourselves. This idiot woman should have secured her dogs. I hope that she was fined for allowing them to get out of her house as well. Glad the victim’s owner had a gun!!!


They were contained. My dogs are in my fence 100% of the time. Secured 100% of the time in my own fence and yard. So I don’t know why I would be fined. My dogs never left my yard. A loose dog came into MY PROPERTY.


The dogs are not monsters.

And they’re contained. Always. They are in the fence at all times. I don’t know the owner needs to be fined when the shooters dog was the dog loose and running up and down a fence line.

Bless your heart though.

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