Open Carry

John Roskosky, principal instructor and owner of Guns Done Right, takes aim before firing his Kimber Model 1911 .45-caliber gun at a target Dec. 29, 2015, at Accuracy Gun Range in Angleton.

RICHWOOD — Gunshots popped off at a measured pace at the Big Kountry Indoor Shooting Range early Friday afternoon as customers dropped in, one by one, to do business. The same day, the Texas Legislature formally sent the “constitutional carry” bill, House Bill 1927, to Gov. Greg Abbott for his expected signature.

A priority of the legislature’s Republican majority, constitutional carry — as supporters termed the policy — allows Texas residents to buy and publicly carry a handgun without a permit.

Wes Wolfe is a reporter for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0152.

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If you think that there are not a lot of people, in Texas, currently carrying handguns without a LTC, you are living in a dream world. HB 1927 just gives honest Citizens the right to carry, without imposing a TAX on their 2nd Amendment rights, which is what ALL license fees are.


Before one jumps at new law without thinking of the future consider that the legal right to carry does not absolve one from acting responsibly. When a mistake is made, and there will be deadly mistakes, one still may be held civilly liable, especially if the one who makes the mistake did not take the time and effort to be trained in any way. On the other hand, training might well mitigate the civil liability, or for those who are truly pro-life, save the life of someone else.


Do criminals take training? Ask Chicago


Criminals are everywhere but way to use your dog whistle. You will try to justify that you weren’t pulling the race card and tell me I’m paranoid about race.


Especially the violent offenders the dem DA are releasing at an alarming rate


But the violent insurrectionists out on bail are justified because they were just friendly tourists who happened to storm the Capitol. Fear mongering and dog whistles abound with you...violent criminals that the Democrats are releasing lol. Always the Democrats lol

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