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CandidatePolitical ContributionsPolitical ExpendituresCash on Hand
Troy Brimage$50,200$26,650.21$75,116
Ro’Vin Garrett$42,592$31,221.30$14,868.08
Patrick Henry$1,750$1,019.13$1,750
Rhonda Seth$116,847$126,975.57$2,736.36
Mitch Thames$450$914.43$450
Cody Vasut$23,650$35,646.10$12,740.55

Maddy McCarty is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0151.

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$14,000 in advertising at a restaurant just doesn't make much sense, To me that's poor judgement. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


The facts attacks Michael Quinn whenever they can just because he is a Christian conservative

Yvonne early articles on Bonnen and he led folks he was lying and she attacked him. Then see looked ignorant with her bias as a Democrat

Justin Mills

That particular El Toro is not a restaurant it is a web advertisement group that puts our adds out the voters in our district across all the different web sites but Eltoro does sound... I’m going there for lunch Any questions or concerns for Rhonda Seth she can be contacted directly at 979-248-2862 JM

Cody Vasut

Good clarification Justin. I was pretty sure Rhonda didn’t buy $14k worth of Mexican food. But, given how good it is, I wouldn’t blame her... CTV


Cody, I would have expected La Cosona to get some of the action. :)

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