:Local law enforcement honors slain trooper

Deputies from constable offices for Brazoria County precincts 2, 3 and 4, as well as the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office, and Manvel Police officers stand behind DPS troopers during a tribute to Trooper Chad Walker, who died this week after being shot during a traffic stop.

Despite the differences in shapes of badges, colors of uniforms or title by which they are addressed, law enforcement officers across the state were brought together Thursday to honor Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Chad Walker.

Walker was taken off life support Wednesday after being shot multiple times March 26 while stopped along FM 2383 outside Mexia to help a person with a broken-down vehicle. Doctors determined earlier this week he had no brain activity, but had been kept alive so his organs could be harvested for donation.

Teresa Dowling is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0154.

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Would have been nice for Abbott to order flags to be flown at half mast. Guess that is now reserved for Democrats to make political statements.


An officer who lost his life is being honored and all you can muster is political divisiveness. What a shame. Abbott is a Republican so your angst should be towards him not the Democrats.


God bless you, Trooper Walker. Prayers for peace and comfort for his wife and children.


Our law enforcement is under attack by criminals die to dem and their sheep media of zero moral content or truth

Where is the outrage of all our officers who have been assassinated??? The count mounts every year. Did the facts mention who killed the officer???


On March 31st The Facts ran a story that said, “ Authorities say that 37-year-old DeArthur Pinson shot Walker before the trooper had stopped his vehicle during the traffic stop.”


Not to mention it’s literally in the last paragraph of this article.


Thanks for the correction. You are right

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