LEAGUE CITY — Ten days after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, a group of about 30 protesters gathered in front of U.S. Rep. Randy Weber's office in League City to call on him to resign.

The protesters said Weber should either recant his objections to President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 elections or give up his seat in Congress.

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Why does the media feel Republicans always lie and Democrats always tell the truth, when actual evidence points the other way? Do they not know, that under Socialism, their freedom of speech goes away also?




The Commu-Crats didn't elect him to office to start with and they can't remove him from office.


So these 30 democrats are trying to push out a Republican for questioning voter fraud? If y’all deny voter fraud exists you need look up that last week the governor found guilty a woman giving out Amazon gift cards to vote for Biden/Harris. Congressman Weber and many others needed to question the fraud, and if there was no fraud then what are you worried about! The proof is out there. And to the media (including the Facts) funny how they will listen to 30 folks on one side but not how thousands of others who acted within legal rights at the capital to question! I don’t stand behind the breaking in, or hurting/killing anyone, but did these very same people protest when cops were killed for the last how many years and cities were burned up this summer and multiple officers killed? This is just like the swamp in DC.

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Would love to see a link to your claims that the governor — who can't find anyone guilty — found someone guilty of passing out gift cards. The only similar instance I can find is in Nevada where Naive American tribes offered Visa cards to vote without a stipulation of whom to vote for. The only incident I could find in Texas last week was the arrest of a woman accused of ballot harvesting.


Fulton County fraud. A woman is caught on camera rescanning ballots over and over again. Fulton County poll workers caught on video pulling boxes of ballots from under table cloth. Why was there a table cloth on a work table to begin with? Oh I know. To hide hidden fraudulent ballots so when the fake water leak started they could run the Republicans out and enter the fraudulent ballots


That’s ok the democraps have never done anything wrong. All the Hunter Obiden, Hillocrap and Obamie mews and crimes have just gone away now. Like nothing ever happened. Did anyone notice the majority of people breaking into the capitol were brought in by bus escorted by state police and walked thru the barriers by police ? Not a lot being said about antifias presence at the capitol that day by democraps. Another set up to take your eyes off whats really was news. Like Election Fraud.


Take a look at the rioters in Portland who are confirmed antifa and then look at the seditionists who stormed the Capitol. Totally different group of people. They don’t carry maga flags to show their pride nor would they follow trump at his urging to walk to the Capitol to take it back. Which why did trump lie to his supporters again and say he would walk with them? Maybe if there was a Burger King by the Capitol he would have gone.


This was all explained by the Republican Secretary of State. The poll workers were told the counting was ending for the evening so they put the boxes were they were told for overnight security. Turns out they weren’t going home after all so they brought out the ballots to continue counting. No one in the room, Republican nor Democrat has cried foul on this. You can easily research this issue and find out it’s been disproven unlike the Amazon gift card fraud being pushed above which is nonexistent.

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