WEST COLUMBIA — Outrage and demands for action dominated the conversation during a public discussion about accusations a councilman assaulted a resident last month.

The Brazoria County NAACP organized a protest calling for Councilman Jamie Walker’s removal before council’s meeting Monday night. Resident Dan Lee accused Walker of “kicking” him in the behind twice before the June 8 council meeting.

Nick Irene is a reporter for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0149.

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The NAACP condones violence?? Then where was their condemnation of destruction of the Black community during the criminal acts of rioters and looters

Now we have many Black residents speaking , although not covered by this paper or dem propaganda media. Doesn’t fit their dem slant narrative

Shame on hypocrisy of NAACP


PJBM you wrap up with NAACP hypocrisy. Where in this article does "NAACP condones violence" come up. Maybe you are referring to some other statements or facts from somewhere else to that effect? Goggling "NAACP condones violence" only finds that NAACP officials DO NOT CONDONE violence. So your statement makes no sense. Also interesting (but off topic) googling shows that the NAACP does not support defunding police. As far as your statement: "where was their condemnation of destruction," there have been multiple instances of telling rioters to "GO HOME!" Atlanta Mayor, Minneapolis {former) NAACP president, etc. Any normal person - be they red, blue, green, black, white - would say that to the agitators. By agitator, I mean that they are the individuals who roam the country during demonstrations and are the first to throw cement blocks through the jewelry store windows. That is not a 1st Amendment Right. It's organized crime and probably funded by Putin.

The Facts is not a nationwide news organization, just a local small town community "what's happening" rag. They seldom have any of the nation's day-to-day news.


Have they come out publicly and condemned the murder of young children and police by BLM during riots. Please provide the link

Also have they asked Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee , Al Green to step down for racist comments and citing violent actions against Trump supporters. Please provide link

Again Hupocrites , when they don’t condemn their own for even worse actions


Hmmm don’t recall trump condemning the racist in Charlottesville. Does that make him a hypocrite PJBM since he claims (Falsely) he’s not racist?


Please prove Trump is a racist . A term just loosely thrown out by possible racist themselves. Many Black Pastors don’t agree Ben Carson doesn’t agree. Extremely talented intelligent man

You just don’t like him because he stands ground on tough issues so you easily call him a racist. Very deep thinking



A well remnown Civil Rights attorney throws his support for Teump over , what he calls a racist dem party” I guess this gent is blind and doesn’t have your knowledge of Trumps racism

Again provide proof not false judgement from indoctrination of left wing media and demonic Marxist party



The facts sure had day to day news during a Kavanagh kangaroo court and false impeachment debacle


I rest my case (The Facts is " just a local small town community 'what's happening' rag") ----- So, here WEB ONLY an hour ago, breaking news!!!! Here in Angleton!!!!! ----- The Headline: "Train smashes stuck semi" .... The collision happened at 10:25 a.m. Wednesday (it's 5:00 pm as I write). What do you expect about YOUR SO-CALLED dem media. Give it up.


Wow, PJMB, now you drag up YESTERDAYS NEWS that's unrelated. You started with some personal complaint about NAACP that was inexplicable. Your M.O. seems that you use these stories to vent about anything, so it's impossible to follow. Keep on message. ----- (takes a big breath) Now you want to revisit, dredge up "Day to day coverage of brett kavanaugh," Maxine Waters, WHAT!!!!!!??? ---- Not gonna supply links about your vent. I did search The Facts news for brett kavanaugh and looked at the first few while ignoring Byron York's fusilades. Headline for his column two years ago reads: "Justice Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, but the fight over his nomination goes on." SUMS IT UP, huh? ---- BTW, such a search shows there was NOT day-to-day coverage; there would have been several dozen stories (hearings lasted 3 months). [offtopic][unsure]


Old news? Maxine runs her racist vile mounts almost weekly. Telling folks to hit Trump supporters. But according to you this is ok behavior , while NAACP has no proof this man did anything buts wants him to resign and accused him of violence. What do not get about the hypocrisy!? I tell you it ok in your mind for same actions to happen with one group must address another. No buddy doesn’t work that way .

Regarding Kavanagh, the facts never printed his side of the story. Zero balance all dem propaganda reports that was on every lib station just like it was scripted

Then what happen. The dems big witness got caught lying even by the witness she claimed saw it . Did you ever see any apologies. Heck know. Same with Trump impeachment. Zero balance all similar scripted news . Even dem key witnesses admitted to no Quid pro quo with a house hearing which violated all past protocol

It was a kangaroo court with no Repub witnesses. Facts raised no concern with this. Then the facts and dem propaganda media wanted fairness and witnesses in the Senate

Again hypocrites


You contradicted yourself. As you say. Off topic!!! You said facts is small community newspaper Then you mentioned their coverage??? Huh. I thought you said they don’t do this?!!


Feel better, now?


PJBM, until your hero (greatest Christian of all time who leads with authority and compassion) and holds the Bible upside down for a photo shoot) says out right that he’s a racist you won’t believe it. He says and does things on a daily basis to prove it. However until you truly decide you want to see it you will continue to defend a racist president. You’ve provided 3 black people as proof he’s not racist; 3 does not represent the masses. I remember many people crying that President Obama was racist because he said Trayvon Martin could have been his son. Hmmmm...Ben Carson lol don’t get me started on him.


1. The original news story has not been mentioned in all of this thread. Your OFF-TOPIC first words in your first comment: "The NAACP condones violence??" I asked where in the news article that was said; but NO REPLY.

2. This original news article with the headline: "... assault claim at WC meeting" has nothing to do about your interests. So, you vent about this and that, somebody and nobody; you just drag up anything and everything. What's the point of all this drivel?

3. Stop it - no one cares about all this nonsense.


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