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Troy Brimage speaks at a candidate forum during his run for the House District 25 seat Feb. 4, 2020. The Freeport city councilman announced his resignation from council Wednesday afternoon.

FREEPORT — On the heels of further investigations and a lawsuit by the City Council, embattled Councilman Troy Brimage has tendered a resignation for his Ward D seat.

In a message delivered to The Facts by Brimage, he cited the accusations leveled against him as being the focal point of his decision. 

“For years I have done the best I can do for the City of Freeport both in and outside of politics," Brimage said via text. "I can no longer accept hearing the baseless accusations made against me by a few citizens and a few council members week in and week out.”

The notice, which says it is effective immediately, flatly denies any wrongdoing on Brimage’s part. The real estate deals he made under an agreement with the city about 10 years ago have been under fire and under investigation since last year, at which time then-City Attorney Chris Duncan performed an internal investigation into the dealings of both Brimage and Councilman Jeff Peña, stating there was no evidence of wrongdoing in either case.

After the initial investigation, a decision was made to hire an outside legal team, Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal and Zech, which dove into the allegations and is still consulting as the council holds executive sessions to discuss the matters on a semi-regular basis. Attempts to acquire details of the investigation have been stymied by the council, which has claimed attorney-client privilege, a move backed by the Texas State Attorney General's Office. 

Brimage has maintained that he is a victim of a witch-hunt brought about by his part in convicting former City Manager Jeff Pynes for felony theft by a public servant and that he has complied fully with the terms of the agreements he made as the city has voted to send him a demand letter for over $200,000 and now has threatened further legal action.

Brimage’s notice came within hours of a special meeting held Wednesday night for a workshop that will redraw district lines ahead of spring elections.

“I am beyond proud of bringing development to the waterfront and the many other accomplishments we have achieved for the city. As always, I wish the best for the City of Freeport,” Brimage said.

Kent Holle is a reporter for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0154.

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It seems to me that the city council works for the people. If the council hired a law firm, they did so for the people. Why is it the people cannot know what is going on?

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