Connor Behrens, a reporter with The Facts, is now writing The Scoop in Wednesday’s papers. I mention this because I was delighted to read his first installment. He told readers about the happenings on the local scene.

Here’s Connor’s introduction: “We all drive past storefronts and construction sites wondering what is planned for the space, especially when a dumpster or work truck is parked outside. We’re going to provide answers in this space every Wednesday, giving you information instead of random speculation.”

In that first article, Connor revealed what’s going on with the old Randalls site, why there is a giant trash bin outside El Nayarit Tex-Mex Restaurant, the possible return of Church’s Chicken to Freeport, the expansion of Dow’s Pack Studios, the opening of Shout Out Fashion and what’s going on with the vacant Neighbors Emergency Center.

When I see remodeling, construction or destruction, I wonder what’s going on. I don’t get to know until the work has been completed and a new sign is erected. Not anymore. Connor will give me the scoop on what’s occurring.

By the way, he is soliciting reader participation. Readers can reveal something they’ve learned to him or request he pursue information on something that’s of interest at 979-237-0150 or

I read the electronic version of The Facts every morning on my phone with my cup of coffee. First, I read the news stories and daily features. Then, I go back through every page to check out what is being communicated by advertisers. I figure that if individuals or enterprises care enough to pay to get a message across to me, it’s important that I take the time to see what is being published. Also, I never fail to check out the obits and political cartoons.

I prefer the online subscription because the print can be as large as I want it to be and because the vivid pictures can be expanded for catching details.

And something grandparents should love is that on The Facts site, enlarged photos can be purchased at reasonable prices. The best thing is that not only is the photo available that was printed in the paper, but several from that event are available.

For example, from a volleyball game where Angleton played Victoria East, 203 photos can be browsed. An 11-by-14 customizable poster print is only $29.95. Hint: It’s only l02 days until Christmas. Smile.

My column, I still love to write it. When 2024 comes around, I will have written every week for half a century. That achievement is on my bucket list.

Writing this column has brought speaking engagements my way. When I was 30-something and my mug shot wasn’t included with the column, I was asked to speak at a church. The service didn’t start, and I waited and waited. Garnering someone’s attention who seemed to be in charge, I asked, “Did I get the time wrong, or was the program to start at 7:30?”

Identifying me, she went up to the podium, welcomed everyone, made her announcements. and she then said, “Sorry about starting late, I didn’t know our speaker had arrived. Buddy Scott has gotten so fat that I didn’t recognize him.”

It wasn’t easy to step to the podium after that introduction. Anyway, I’ve lost 30 pounds since then. If I hadn’t conquered the weight, I wouldn’t relay the story.

When I was 20-something, I was incognito as well. Having arrived at a speaking engagement, I nervously checked my watch every few minutes and wondered why the program didn’t begin. Finally, I asked a gentleman who seemed to be an emcee, “Is the service about to begin?”

He said, “We are running late because we are waiting for our speaker.”

I said, “I’m the speaker.”

He responded, “We were looking for an older man! Your columns read as if you are an old man.”

I replied, “I’m just putting God’s Word in other words, and that’s why I write beyond my years. I write the wisdom of the ages.”

The speaking engagement seemed to go well.

Oh, by the way, it’s only 15 shopping days until my 73rd birthday on Sept. 29. Send a prayer my way on that day …and we’ve got to keep meeting like this.

Facts correspondent Buddy Scott is director of His Love Counseling Services in Lake Jackson.

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