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Riding safely depends a lot on your senses; sight, hearing.
A helmet interferes with peripheral vision. You have to move your head a lot more.
A helmet interferes with hearing, either muffling, deflecting sounds and increases wind noise.
A helmet at any speed over 30 probably will only insure that you will likely be able to have an open casket at your funeral.
The only way to make a motorcycle safe is to compact it into a brick. So any advantage to help reaction time ie no helmet, is a plus


Have had five bikes in the past; started driving an automobile at 56 years of age.
This happened on my third bike...
I was hit head on by an automobile that turned left as I proceeded straight through a 4-way intersection with traffic lights. The collision sent me flipping over the car, with the back of my head smacking a curb. The helmet I was wearing cracked upon impact. I would not be here if I was not wearing it.
The bike was totaled, but the car had minimal damage of course.
As flhc175 stated, it takes all of your senses to ride safely.
If it were not for non-motorcycle drivers being unaware of us safer motorcyclists, I would prefer to not wear a helmet.
I will wear it in the city, though.


I. think if you don't wear one, you should have very good insurance, if not you are in violation. The rest of us needn't pay your hospital bills for your short sightedness. I took my motorcycle to Arkansas one year on a trailer and looked forward to riding it in rolling country, and was staying atop Mt. Nebo state park. Arkansas helmets were required, and it kind of disappointed me........until I came off the mountain in the forests. Out of the woods came a very large beetle, about the size of a ping pong ball. My full face Fulmer helmet kept me from getting clocked. I was very glad to have had it as it surely would have taken me off the bike.
If I don't have to chip in for your bills, hospital, or house payments, nor read about a fund or benefit, go for it, ride naked for all I care, it's your life.

Floyd Ellington

Common sense says wear a helmet just like wearing a seat belt. I would do both without the government. My problem is with government mandates on all of this.

john corder

It's should vs personal decision about the risk.


Will we the pool be charged for stupid accidents waiting to happen? It's hard to see the bikes on the roads.

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