Remember in Freeport, TX When

A section devoted to the historic Girouard’s General Store is displayed Jan. 14, 2021, as part of “Remember in Freeport, TX, When” at the Freeport Historical Museum and Visitor Center. 

FREEPORT — Residents are invited to step back through the city’s past Saturday during the second Freeport History Day.

“It recognizes Freeport history, and the role Freeport has had to play along the Texas coast,” Freeport Historical Museum Director Wade Dillon said. “We invite local heritage organizations, local historians to set up a table and, you know, talk about their Freeport history, their ties to Freeport.”

The event will offer information going back to its days as Velasco, before that community merged with Freeport in the 1950s to set the boundaries of the current city.

Along with the museum’s usual historical exhibits all about the history of Freeport that will be open for people to view, temporary displays will be set up for people to learn in-depth about certain topics pertaining to Freeport.

“There’s going to be kind of an array, a variety of topics,” Dillon said. “Chris Kneupper will have a display on Fort Velasco, Steve Stein of the ‘Remember in Freeport, TX When …’ Facebook page will have a display. I’ll be putting out original artifacts as well as photos for folks to peruse as well.”

The “Remember in Freeport, Tx When ….” Facebook page has become a large forum for Freeport residents past and present to share personal histories and photos they’ve come across. Stein will bring a collection of historical photos as well as a discovered documentary about the impact of hurricanes on Freeport.

“I’m 99 percent sure it was made by Dow Chemical Co. right after Hurricane Carla. It has pictures,” Stein said. “It captures a lot of the damage and the flooding in the Brazosport area, most of which was Freeport.”

The effort of the museum is to create a timeline for visitors to discover things about Freeport history they otherwise might not have known about.

“Kind of a timeline of history we’re going to try and cover what we can, it gives us a chance to, you know, engage with the community and get the community to return to see what we’re all doing here at the museum and just get excited about the local history here,” Dillon said.

Another aim of the museum is to encourage people to look into their own history in the area, and see what they can discover through the exhibits as well as the research library at their disposal.

“It’s a level of, you know, reconnecting as well as trying to have a better understanding of our past, and so it definitely opens all those doors,” Dillon said.

Freeport History Day will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Freeport Historical Museum and Visitor Center, 311 E. Park Ave. in downtown Freeport. Admission is free.

“I think history is important. A lot of younger people don’t appreciate it until they get older,” Stein said. “Learning history otherwise you’re doomed to repeat it.”

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