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This column is about surviving traumas and begins with an illustrative story.

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As editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, one of the first opinion pieces I penned — under the monicker “A Minute with Morris” — was about the state of world politics. Being 17, I knew all there was to know except for algebra, and my learned perspective on the world would provide my fe…

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Most of the vote counting is over. Most of the noise, with any luck at all, is behind us — although the Electoral College voting happens in two weeks. Cross your fingers, if you haven’t stuck them in your ears.

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Many lessons awaited a baby born in 1935 on a dry land farm in West Texas’ Tom Green County. Jimmie Royce Keeling calls all of them “blessings.”

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On the evening of election day, Nov. 7, 1876, the infamous civil war general, Daniel Sickles, circled by the Republican National Headquarters in D.C. after attending the theater to check the election results. The headquarters were vacant. The election was all but over and both candidates ass…

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The American economy is a wonderful engine of prosperity left to its own devices, and on Tuesday it proved this again with another surge in equity prices that pushed the Dow Jones Industrial Average above 30,000 for the first time. Stock prices rise and fall, but this symbolic milestone of o…

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The Trump campaign’s top lawyers — Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis — went into last weekend on the offensive. On Thursday, they held a news conference vowing to prove the existence of a far-ranging conspiracy to defeat the president. They were pressing a case alleging unfair voting…

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Editor's note: Facts Managing Editor Michael Morris last week for local residents' thoughts about the differences between the unrest of the 1960s and early 1970s and today. This guest column is in response to that request.

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This time of year is fun and enjoyable for most, getting to see family and friends, eating good food, etc. It also can be stressful, even without the added stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s finances, in-laws, not enough time, work — we all have things in our life that stress us…

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If you don’t trust the election results at the top of the ballot, there’s no reason to trust any of the rest of it, all the way down to justices of the peace, school trustees and seats on the city council.

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It is tempting — ever so tempting — to claim authorship of the headline introducing a column written a dozen years ago.

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Remember the debate over the meaning of the phrase “defund the police?” Repeated over and over on the progressive left, it seemed pretty clear — it meant cities should no longer fund, and thus effectively abolish, their police forces. But some Democrats worried embracing such a radical propo…