By the m iddle of this month, the United States should reach 200,000 people who died as a result of contracting the novel coronavirus.

That is the reality, despite attempts be some quarters to spin a new report into claiming the actual toll is only 9,000 Americans.

This editorial was wtitten by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Irregardless this panicdemic has been weaponized to hurt President Trump's reelection. President Trump took immediate action to slow the spread so that the medical community could get the supplies it needed. When the president enacted the travel bags the democrats threw a fit calling him an xenophobe and a racist. Queen pelosi ( her hair looks really nice though) wanted to have a parade in China town. Deblasio encouraged people to go to the theater. President Trump set up a hospital ship in New York that was never used. Instead cumo sent covud patients to nursing homes and veterans homes killing thousands. The left likes to criticize the president, but they never say what they would have done differently


But the same can be said for the common flu. The report did a example for folks with influenza. People who had influenza who contacted common flu died 31% of cases. Same folks and illness with COVID 34%. Almost identical. But zero hysteria with the common flu or H1N1 under Obama


Still there are examples of people dying by accidents that tested positive for covid and their deaths were counted as covid deaths, so we really don't know what the real numbers are due to politics


Listen to the tapes of trump with Bob Woodward. Trump has been and continues to be the author of chaos in the United States. No one in their right mind would believe trump lied because he did not want to ‘panic’ the citizens. His lies are what cause us to panic, never the truth. Listen to the 6 minutes of the tapes we know of to hear in trumps own words his self serving actions.


PJBM from where did you get the percentages "who contacted common flu died 31% of cases. Same folks and illness with COVID 34%?" None in the CDC report I viewed??


Yet another insult by trump towards our medical community; I’m sure they are all plotting and planning behind the scenes, hiding and destroying the vast amounts of PPE and ventilators, in an attempt to destroy trump. Seems he’s doing a great job on his own. Some are so deep into trumps lies and victimhood that they've lost all sense of logic. Thanks for sharing logic and facts, Mr. Morris.


Irregardless (sic) this panicdemic weaponized"

... the democrats threw a fit

Queen pelosi [double standard - disrespect ok for dems but you raise fit if given for t.??]

( her hair looks really nice though) [7th grade sarcasm ]

sent covud patients to nursing homes and veterans homes [WHAT? That is not worth any response it's so stupid].

"criticize the president, but they never say what they would have done differently" [you know full well and certainly remember that I countered that twice]

"dying by accidents ... counted due to politics"

Y'all gonna believe what ya gonna believe.

Father of Six

Cuomo did send COVID positive patients to nursing homes and was really stupid. Instead of calling you stupid, I'll assume you are just ignorant. I'm surprised Mr. Morris didn't jump in an correct you like he does Bull and PJBM.


I'm not surprised.


And my other statements were correct as well.


Amen Antone, i appreciate your addressing that confusing message.


Father (notice the respectful address heading) you are correct, I did not have that knowledge (ignorant of that tidbit). So I agree with you that New York's administration did so and I was wrong. and thank you for your word choice.

Father of Six

I love you brother.


[love] to all.


Brazoria County population: 374,264

COVID19 "positives" (also includes false positives no doubt): 9,419 = 2.52%

COVID19 "fatalities" (also includes comorbidities): 138 = 0.04%

COVID19 fatalities: 8 = 0.0022%

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