FM 2004 Wreck (copy)

The charred remnants of two trucks and a car that crashed along FM 2004 in March 2016 remain just off the roadway after the flames from the collision were extinguished. A state project to add passing lanes on the highway is expected to improve safety by lowering the risk of head-on collisions.


Thankfully, Brazoria County has not had a similar tragedy make national headlines as has happened in other parts of the country.

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Most of all democrats need to quit cheating and making up lies about racism


Are you referring g to actions like against My Pillow, Chick Fil A Goyer foods and others by dems and cancel culture?


And actions against the MLB, NFL, NBA, Coke, and not to mention members of their own party, by the Republicans. I believe the opinion clearly stated it wasn't solely one party's MO.

Father of Six

Why would anyone wonder why newspapers are going under? Besides repeating each others liberal beliefs, they are bad businessmen. I trust people are smart enough to realize corporation do not pay taxes. They only relinquish revenue to the Feds and recoup it with higher prices. You would think the Fact's editorial board would be smart enough to know that, but as stated earlier they just repeat each others propaganda. Corporations pass on tax burden on to customers. Goodness, my junior high kids get that.


When you have people who still believe the election was a fraud in spite on overwhelming evidence, court cases, etc. that say differently, you have to realize that The Facts must present simple basic common knowledge facts in plain language. I promise you there are people who don't pay attention like we do, through no fault of their own, and don't know this information. Perhaps you are a little naive in that aspect.


Thank you, Sheriff Stallman.

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