Sometimes when you put your foot down, you don’t realize the floor is a little thinner than you expected. As much as you were comfortable it would support the weight applied, cracks start to form and you’re left to step back for a second.

That happened to us in the wake of our editorial in the last Weekend Edition when we planted our heels over Port Freeport’s efforts to acquire the rest of the properties in Freeport’s East End. While the editorial was peppered with caveats, given information shared from both sides after it printed, in retrospect, it appears we stomped a little too hard.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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The facts needs to understand fairness.This is very common on issues the facts takes sides without evaluating the truth. It’s always emotional actions instead of wisdom. Your political coverage is great example all one sided with dem party regardless of the truth and attack repubs.


If everyone on your Editorial Board thinks alike, you need only one person on the Board. Perhaps adding one or two folks who are more conservative would help prevent bias!

Father of Six

Been saying the same thing. I don't know if he needs a conservative, just someone with more life experience than working for the Facts. The emperor has no clothes.


The facts is in step with mainstream dem narrative media. A change of balance and fairness would be refreshing but won’t happen due to ideology of Minz and Morris

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Mr Oelfke, our editorial board consists of two staunch conservatives, two who are more left and a Manchin-ish moderate.


I see zero conservative input


Conservative input from non editorial reporting articles in the paper to clarify and no Texas political conservatism. The Tribune is left wing dem narratives

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