Virus Outbreak Trump

Flowers and balloons left by supporters of President Donald Trump remain Sunday at the entrance to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

Whatever someone thinks about the job President Donald Trump has d one in office, whatever they think of him as a person, any American who is wishing for the worst possible outcome from his COVID infection needs to do some serious soul searching.

It is morally wrong to wish harm on another human being, no matter how much we think they have it coming. Viruses don’t understand karma or hypocrisy. They simply find an available target and pounce.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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I pray that President Trump swiftly and completely recovers from COVID 19. And, I pray that the United States swiftly and completely recovers from President Trump.


COVID by itself has unfortunately taken 11,000 lives, other death tally people had 2,4 serious illnesses along with COVID

The dems attacked this President ruthlessly and get a free pass by the facts and other dem propaganda outlets. If Repubs attacked a dem believe me , we would see the articles

Three prominent Doctors from Stanford, Harvard and Oxford said lockdowns will make things worse . The school children and young need to go about normal business . They will provide the immunity needed to combat the Chinese's man made virus

The more likely to be harmed , older should be more careful and protected unlike the horrible decisions New York made with Nursing homes

Sweden did this practice and it worked



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