Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen went on a bit of a Facebook rant earlier this week after seeing what he and many others would deem as unacceptable behavior at local big box stores. The 446-word post — about the length of one of our editorials — compared the guidelines of those national chains against the small business owners in our community.

“While these behemoth retailers continue to reap profits with little to no regard for their employees’ and customers’ safety — and ensuring the continued spread of COVID-19 — our local small businesses are the ones who suffer,” Bonnen wrote, “our small businesses who are barely staying afloat and now are trying to demonstrate to their customers that they are following every measure and guideline to keep them safe, desperately working to give them the comfort they need to walk in their doors.”

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Masks have already been proven to be ineffective. All it does is give people a sense of false security.


So why do the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Birx all encourage the wearing of masks if they are ineffective? It seems to me that if they are ineffective like you say the doctors, nurses, and front line workers would not be complaining about the shortage of masks as they would not need them.




Below is the note that appears on the link you provided. “Note: The CDC has updated its guidance to the public around wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic. On April 3, it advised Americans to wear non-medical cloth face coverings, including homemade coverings fashioned from household items, in public settings like grocery stores and pharmacies.”


True, but the article clearly stated they are ineffective


If you are afraid of others not wearing masks & gloves, just wear them yourself or don't go in the store!

Father of Six

Mr. Morris do you remember your September 26th opinion piece? Can you walk and chew gum? Where is your opinion on Joe? Coronavirus! Coronavirus! Coronavirus! Have your noticed most of don't care to play into the Coronavirus scare? Go to Buc-ee's tomorrow and start writing about what people care about, living and feeding our families.You are a Texan, live like it.

Father of Six

Can you imagine how silly you would have looked last year with a "Breaking News" 9 more people reported to have the flu in Brazoria County? Just a little perspective.


He would have looked silly being that there’s a vaccine for the flu unlike the coronavirus; just a little perspective.


LOL Flu vaccines is silly when people are being inoculated before they know what strain is going to around. It's a lucky guess at best.


I Love when Morris lectures other about fairness. Morris can’t even report the news fairly. What about Biden. What about Pelosi holding back money in critical “time of essence” for special interests give aways. Zero coverage. But we remember Morris blaming Repubs for shutdown and the Kavanagh articles. Micheal do what you preach


it's the typical narrative with Morris, very partisan and it always shows. I will say it again, we purchase the paper to hear THE FACTS, not a "Morris" opinion.


Wearing masks and following other medical advisories does in fact reduce transmission of the virus. As well, for those of you who choose NOT to wear a mask, safe distance, etc, YOU are keeping 70% of consumers out of the stores and businesses because they do now wish to be exposed to potential virus carriers. If you truly wanted to help our economy return, you would be wearing masks and wanting enforcement of safety precautions so ALL consumers would feel safe to return to stores. Unmasked, herding behavior is what will keep consumers away. If the US government really wanted to return citizens to a feeling of safety and protection, there would be laws in place requiring these easy to follow requirements.

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