In Afghanistan, American hubris — the United States’ capacity for self-delusion and official lying — has struck once again, as it has repeatedly for the last 60 years.

This weakness-masquerading-as-strength has repeatedly led the country into failed foreign interventions. The pattern first became clear to me when I learned on Nov. 11, 1963, the U.S. embassy and intelligence agencies had been directly involved in planning a coup to depose the president of South Vietnam and his brother, leading to their executions.

Gordon Adams, professor emeritus of American University School of International Service, wrote this for The Conversation, an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts. Read the original article at

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Biden had no solid plan for withdrawal. He was surprised and unprepared at every turn


The dem media’s new narrative is Takiban wants to change

Sorry folks , you are lock step with dems thinking they will change their ways

They are already fully blocking the airport and intimidating anyone who tries to breach their perimeter. They’ve already said women will go back to Islamic law. Come on folks , this is Sharia Law with 2nd citizen rights

Can’t sugarcoat this badly planned and negotiated deal by Biden


Please facts, dem media, no more false stories of Taliban wanting to change. Wake up to reality not feel good falsehoods

They just executed, shot, 3 protestors. This is the new kind and gentler Tailban?

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