Presidental prerogative law needs to be abolished

A lot of the people now flooding into the U.S. are escaping poverty, totalitarian government etc., others to continue their criminal ways. They may regret their move they may be leaping out the pot into the fire.

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And that is why we have the 2nd amendment


Amen. Biden and Harris are the most divisive Leaders we have had. They are the most anti white and Semitic administration to date


Resist what?!?! Here we go again...smh. And how convenient that you gloss over the divisiveness and ineffectiveness of the former one-term, twice impeached president.

Father of Six

Fortunately President Biden will be impeached in 2022!


Lol sure


I cannot wait until mid terms when Repubs will take back both houses to bridle feeble Joe. Not looking good for dems. America has seen the far left slide of the dem party towards Marxism, hate, lies, division and lawlessness


If you call the dems impeachment as truth, which they made to look silly and stupid on both accounts, then continue to live in guru world of lies

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