Jones Creek fish fry

David Galloway, left, thawed frozen fish to be cut by Daniel Krampota before breading and frying, while another volunteer looked Saturday morning at the Jones Creek fish fry fundraiser.


Jones Creek residents call themselves “Jones Creek Strong” and pride themselves on going out of their way for each other when times are tough. Through hurricanes, fires and other disasters, they are there for each other.

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Haha. Your Trump Derangement is showing. You couldn't even bring yourself to mention his name. I told yall he was an idiot even before he became senile. There is no way they are going to let him out uncontrolled.


Time to buy some good coffee, help some good causes, and chill out. After 52 days if the biggest complaint is Biden hasn’t taken questions from the media, I think he’s doing something right. Remember 52 days into the last administration chaos, division,deflection, and lies where top priority.

Father of Six

Keep your head buried in the sand. Let's see, border crisis, releasing COVID positive illegal immigrants into Texas cities, won't allow camera's in the detention centers, federal funding for abortion on demand, can't remember his cabinet members, Washington DC still in lockdown, shutdown Keystone pipeline, revoked permits to drill on federal land in NM, WY and SD, cozying up to the Chinese and Iranians. If you care about Texas everyone of those is a major problem. and embarrassment.


You fault Biden because you can't remember his cabinet members. Seems like your problem there. How is the DC lockdown impacting Texas? Again, I will ask, flair for the dramatic, eh?

Father of Six

As Texans we are Americans and embarrassed by the military presence and fences you hate so much in DC. President Biden is in mental decline. It's sad, but true. I've lived it and he is showing every sign. You may want to re-read my comment, I didn't complain about a press conference. I pointed out only someone who hasn't been paying attention can't see all the terrible decisions President Biden has made in 52 days.


Don't need to re-read your comments, Father of Six. PBJM posted a comment about an embarrassing press conference on Houston. That was the comment to which I replied.


Funny how you see this perceived mental decline in Biden yet never saw it in the previous one term twice impeached former president who went off the rails on many occasions. I believe your perceptions are flawed.

Father of Six

Roger that.

Entry removed.

The fact that you would complain about an embarrassing press conference is hilarious. Thanks, I needed that laugh going into the weekend.

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