President Donald Trump leaves office this week, his legacy forever tarnished by the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. But a full and fair accounting of his four years in the White House should acknowledge his achievements along with the unacceptable events of the past few weeks.

Mr. Trump’s record on the economy was impressive by any standards. He guided the first major overhaul of the tax code in more than three decades through Congress, allowing Americans of all incomes to keep more of their own hard-earned money. Coupled with his push to slash the bureaucratic red tape that hinders entrepreneurship and economic growth, that helped trigger a record jobs boom. The Trump years — pre-pandemic, of course — saw unemployment numbers at historic lows for African Americans, Hispanics and those without high school diplomas.

This editorial first appeared in teh Jan. 17 edition of the Las Vegas Journal-Review.

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President Trump had nothing to do with the riot. That was a staged false flag event. Sadly some of the president's supporters fell for it. But the rest of the opinion was correct. President Trump was the greatest president in modern history. And to those that will bring up the sham of 2 impeachments would have supported Jesus's trial too.


Trump was and is a con man. This was said by Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and ALL other Republicans throughout the 2015 campaign and election. AND, there were hundreds more in prominent positions. Trump has bankrupted his prior businesses and is in debt up to his eyeballs now, hundreds of millions due in the next three years. The two banks that would let him borrow, his business associate, corporations who in the past funded the Republican candidates have all ‘jumped ship’ because of his behaviors during the past few months. There has never been anything honorable about this man and all his actions have been seen in the light of day. Unfortunately, some still reminded ‘blinded’ by the lies. Trump will be fortunate if he does not end up in jail or yet bankrupt again. His story is not over.


None of those asinine statements had anything to do with his presidency.


“It would be nice if President-elect Joe Biden took notice of his predecessor’s accomplishments in that regard.“. So here we go holding Biden to higher standards then trump. trump reaped what he sowed and solidified his post as worst president in our history. Even the people who followed trumps orders to fight for his country and who got arrested trying to overthrow our elections have come out and said trump incited them to act. Yep I know false flag event, antifa, Hillary, Greta Thunberg, George Soros, just anyone but trump.

Father of Six

You just took up for antifa? Seriously.


Seriously you just want to be upset. Overlooking the point and ridiculously reading into my statement because you think you had a gotcha moment. By your logic you took up for seditionists and insurrection. See how ignorant that sounds.

Father of Six

I want to be upset? Ha! You spent four years being completely disrespectful to our President. Mr. Morris cheered you on. You live in a state and county governed by a majority Conservative/Republican government and we don't shut you down. I am direct, but not disrespectful. You should be thankful we're not hateful like you, or you and Mr. Morris would be talking your nonsense in a coffee shop instead of a public forum.


The Fraud in Chief killed tens of thousands of American jobs on his first day.


Copied and pasted

“Congratulations to all of you who voted for Biden. You fought hard (that’s debatable) and won (also debatable). With a democrat President, Senate and House. And no one to stand in the way of the progressive agenda. You will soon get everything you hoped for.

When your taxes go up. Remember you asked for it.

When your Social Security and Medicare benefits are cut. So non-citizens can get benefits they never paid for. Remember you asked for it.

When you lose the health care you have because of Medicare for all. Including anyone who crosses the border. Remember you asked for it.

When the border is left open to anyone looking to freeload off the American taxpayers. Remember you asked for it.

When filling your gas tank cuts into grocery budget. Along with groceries and everything else you buy costing more. Because of Biden’s restrictions on the oil industry. Remember you asked for it.

When your daughters cannot complete in school sports or use a public restroom. Because little Johnny thinks he a girl. Remember you asked for it.

When you lose your 2nd amendment Rights. Remember you asked for it.

When you are forced to pay for College for all. Even if you or your children never went to college. Remember you asked for it.

When cities across America turn into Chicago, Baltimore, Portland and San Francisco. Because of “Defund the police Remember you asked for it.

When the federal government takes on trillions in debt to bailout Democrat states and cities suffering from decades of mismanagement and corruption. It will be call pandemic relief or some such thing. Remember you asked for it.

When they expand the size of the Supreme Court and fill those seats with young progressive judges. So their actions will forever be declared legal. Remember you asked for it.

When our military is defunded and countries like Iran, North Korea, Russia and China are less afraid to challenge us. Remember you asked for it.

You have blamed everything that has happened in the last 4 years on President Trump. Who will have you to blame at the end of the next 4?”

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