The Democratic Party’s No. 1 priority is to pass a voting “reform” bill that would federalize elections under rules favorable to Democratic candidates. It’s more important than infrastructure, or massive new social spending, or anything else, which is why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer gave their election bill the designation HR 1 in the House and S1 in the Senate.

The House passed HR 1 in a nearly straight party-line vote March 3. Every single Republican voted against it, and every Democrat, with one exception (Rep. Bennie Thompson), voted for it. The problem for Democrats is there is no chance S1 will pass in the Senate, where Democrats do not hold a majority of seats. To pass S1, Democrats would first have to eliminate the filibuster, then muster all of their 50 senators to vote for the bill against 50 Republicans, then call in Vice President Kamala Harris to break the tie.

Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Contact him at

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Thank God the Republicans never confirmed Garland. The democrats have weaponized the justice department which is a very dangerous thing to the American people.


We cannot allow the Marxist dem party to federalize our elections. The dems are trying to consolidate power over the states, which violated the constitution, which they don’t follow anyway

They want to control elections to stay in power PERIOD. They don’t care about millions of others votes against them . They want to be in

Power to continue full change in our nation to a far left dictatorship and exert control over Americans and play our new god

Thanks goodness the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s clean fair election law which dems and their sheep media lie about


Did you write this with a straight face, Byron?!? Lol

Father of Six

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