Tropical Weather Texas (copy)

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick takes a photo with Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr. after Gov. Greg Abbott addressed the media with other members of local and national government Aug. 28, 2020, about the area’s response to Hurricane Laura in Orange.

Surely this is the bottom. I think this often when an elected leader says something so atrocious, so misleading or flat untrue, that it puts a pit in my stomach.

Every time, I am wrong. Still, this has to be the bottom. Surely, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick reached depths beyond which even he won’t go when he blamed Democrats, African Americans specifically, for the recent spread of COVID-19.

Yvonne Mintz is editor and publisher of The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0100 or

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Many lives could be saved if they allows Doctors to treat COVID. Politics especially from the left has lied about ways to treat COVID The proof is in from other countries who have effectively treated COVID by the use Ivermectin

Why is our government and others afraid of this proven drug? Big Pharma? They want a crisis?

Lives could be saved. Check the article and statistics from Mexico and India



You said you would stand up against all racists yet you didn’t even make a peep about Patrick’s racist trope. You point to the doctors and the left but nothing about Patrick. Why? Way to stand up there.

Father of Six

Did your friend Mr. Sublet tell you to stop supporting a party that believes in abortion on demand? 50,000 innocent babies were aborted in Texas last year. You outraged at that?


Anyone who supports abortion and claim to be a Believer, better study Gods word on this which he proclaimed to the Jews for very same offense

Could be under judgment per his word


Thank you, Ms. Mintz. Those comments were absolutely disgusting and hurtful. Facts matter.


I haven’t heard you stand up against Sharpton, Waters, Cori Davis, Al Green , Stacy Abrams ,Sheila Jackson Lee?

Then the dems who support the biggest racist in America Lewis Farrakhan. But folks are silent. Do you speak out?? I speak out against Dan Patrick. I didn’t comment or defend Patrick because I agreed with her comments!!

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