Afghan debacle on Biden and his generals

Just heard the Democrats blaming the withdrawal from Afghanistan on Trump. I have no problems with blaming our embarrassment on our politicians from both parties. Our founding fathers wisely made sure civilians would control our military; sadly, they didn’t think that our nation would ever be as corrupt as our politicians have made it.

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So mr Kaw, vaccines are killing people like COVID. The facts or dem media won’t print this

So Joe biden who left hundreds behind to be beheaded in Afghanistan and who has his Attorney general going after a very simple law heartbeat law to save innocent lives whom our good Lord sees our barbaric actions, needs to be applauded. He needs to be kicked out of office. Cannot murder life!!! Called abortion. So I address this to the born again. Every state in the nation has laws against murder. The deciding factor if someone his dead or alive is heartbeat . So a living human being is protected by our law, regardless if in a womb. Man has to rise above primitive pagan barbarians actions. That’s why laws are implemented. This is murder plain and simple. I call to a higher power and his laws will prevail. Look around you!!! All the calamities

If you know his word , this is what he has done through the ages when folks fall back to wickedness , lies, and lawlessness

Father of Six

Mr. Hines, Only the devil advocates murder of innocent unborn babies. Please re-read your Bible. Our government and constitution is based on Judeo/Christian values. You obviously don't understand the concept of evangelism either.


Sir if you are born again the Lords word is our ahead of mans word. If you are mixing mans word over Gods word, I suggest to get more meat in your Faith

Father of Six

Mr. Kaw, Joe Biden doesn't even know what day it is. We are already in a civil war, just not a lot of shooting yet. Joe Biden believes a person can choose their gender and murder unborn babies right up until birth. Democrats mandate vaccines for American citizens but are fine with thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants invading our border with COVID. You conveniently left anything out about the border. Thank God you are in the minority in Brazoria County.


Bide the corrupt lying pagan he is , denied Fox News Drones to show Thousands more coming to our open border. So Border Payton got Fox Helicopters

The facts whined if Trump messed with the media but silent when dems do it, which is quite often

It’s called bias and shielding

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