Everything is political

“Does everything have to be political?” That’s a question I used to ask on a frequent basis but have now come to grips with the realization that “everything” is political. It might not start out that way, but let the media (D) get ahold of it and magically it’s political.

The Facts’ (D) managing editor, Michael Morris (D), jumped on that bandwagon in a recent editorial about Dallas beauty salon owner Shelley Luther (R). He compares Luther’s defiance of a “close and stay closed” order from Gov. Gregg Abbott (R) to the fantasy plight of a poor mother (D) who shoplifts some meat for her hungry kids. Pretty lame analogy for a managing editor, but then it’s not really necessary to be accurate, creative, original or fair-minded to make derogatory and biased statements just like thousands of liberal half-wit social warriors (D) do on Facebook (D) every day.

Morris (D) calls Shelley Luther a “cause celeb for conservatives (R)” and along with Oyster Creek bar owner, Shaunte Johnston (R), a “grandstanding lawbreaker.” He eloquently claims Luther (D) “threw up her middle finger” to Gov. Abbott (R) but gives judge Eric Moye’ (D) a pass for sending her to jail for refusal to apologize and admit being selfish.

While everyone generally acknowledges the seriousness of this pandemic, in my opinion, to attack small business owners who choose to exercise their right to resist what they consider unreasonable actions and threats to their livelihood is pathetic and unAmerican. We can do better than this.

Dave Alston, Angleton

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Yup. It's all about overturning the election and getting rid of the constitutionally elected President. They couldn't do it with fake Russian collusion. The couldn't do it with the fake Ukrainian phone call. Now the perfectly content to destroying our economy and way of life. This is just a preview of what it will be like if the democrats take power. They will rule over us with an iron fist. They will regulate us into submission


Right on target. Nothing President Trump does is good enough for them. If he doesn't wear a mask, he is wrong, if he wears a mask, he deprived a nurse somewhere of her having a mask. Everything is indeed political, if being guilty depends on if you have a Democrat judge or a Republican judge, something is very wrong.


How did you feel about him saying that he did not wear a mask at the Ford plant because he "doesn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it"? Wasn't he there to honor the workers, the same ones who asked him to wear a mask? The same ones who wore mask themselves while he was there and while they work?

Seems he lost focus of why he was there in the first place.


Like how he paints the poor mother as a Democrat when it was Shelly Luther (R) who applied for the PPP, received the money, and then played the victim. Got it.

Father of Six

I didn't see the story about her applying and receiving money and then playing a victim. Can you tell me where I can find it or explain it in detail?


Where Biden news? Morris can find time to print articles slamming Repubs

Biden’s audio cutting deal for quid pro quo . Biden sexual allegations. Biden telling blacks they aren’t black if they vote for Trump

Morris- crickets


Quid pro quo??!?! You really are reaching there PJBM. You do realize that trump can't even step onto the ball field when it comes to comparing civil rights actions with Biden. And if Reade and Biden's sexual allegations were that important why hasn't congress called her to testify in front of a committee? Did you see that her attorney is no longer representing her because she misrepresented her education in previous court hearings where she was an expert witness? Her actions may impact those cases also. Why aren't you concerned with the 12 women who have stated that they were victims of trump and his sexual aggression? He has a well documented history..paid off porn stars; grab them by the meow meow; running around with Epstein; and on and on.


She was on The View and admitted that she received the PPP money 2 days before her court hearing. She went on to say that it just appeared in her bank account and she did not know what the money was for. That was a false statement as she had to provide the information needed on the PPP application and would have provided her bank account information as well. Not to mention that they tell you about how much you qualify for at the time you apply. It is well documented online. Look for her interview on The View or read the Texas Monthly article which goes further to discuss the $500k she received through the GoFundMe account.

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