ACA shouldn’t be saved

Joe Biden tells us he will beat the coronavirus if we’ll elect him. He will also create millions of new high-paying jobs for us. He will fix the ACA and a family of four will save $2,500 yearly, and keep your doctor too if you like.

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Father of Six

Ms. Isreal, I guess you don't remember that you couldn't drop off your early ballot at all, before this year. You also must be unaware that for the next 20 days you can mask up and vote in person. Then, don't forget how we used to vote on Election Day, November 4th. You poor democrats, only 21 days to vote in person, mail in options and ballot drop off option, and you still claim voter suppression. So sorry you were inconvenienced by the 15 minute trip to Angleton.


I’m sorry that reading comprehension is not your forte. Ms Israel stated she is an independent. Voter suppression is more of a threat to our country than voter fraud as we are seeing.

Father of Six

And you believe that voting for democrats make you an independent. Stupid.


Hahaha and you are desperately trying to put words and ideas in my statement. Yet you call me stupid, lol. Have a good day Fo6.

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