Shantelle Duhon Miller

Give Angleton all your business. The Dirty South is an amazing place for our date nights with live bands and a beautiful smoke-free place!

StellaScout Henry

I miss the Armadillo. Everybody felt comfortable there. My idea of a dance hall. Like Gruene.

Devin Manning Randon

I enjoy going out on occasion. It would be nice to drive up the road instead of going to Houston. What’s the harm? Brazoria County is often way behind the times. Enjoy life. That doesn’t mean everyone gets sloppy drunk. I like to dance! I wish things weren’t so uptight for her. She probably would’ve had the opportunity to be more open with her goals.

David Peters

Lake Jackson already has bars. They don’t need dance clubs.

Larry Wren

It will never happen in my lifetime.

Tiffany Bailey

I say yes, so we don’t have to drive almost an hour to a decent dance hall.

Casey Gomez

I’m too young to say absolutely not, and too old to really care that much. Welcome to your mid-30s.

Scott Searcy

Maybe it is going to take more than tired “old” politicians to make a difference. Same ol’ Lake Jackson; roll the sidewalks up at 6 p.m. Yeah, that works.

Trish Ybarra

Nightlife includes dance clubs. A place for people to have fun! The local economy would definitely benefit too. Right now most people are going to Surfside and Freeport.

Schelli Cadenhead Martin

Absolutely not. No way. We have plenty of awesome places for food and alcohol. We don’t need places to just sit and drink. Let’s keep Lake Jackson special. So much of the world isn’t special anymore. I love LJ just like it is!

Kristen Elizabeth

I was really hoping the local pubs and restaurants would eventually all start having more entertainment and dancing after dinner hours. With all of them so close and in walking distance, it should be popping off downtown.

Barb Cleve

How about allow an actual adult social club with dinner, a show, dancing and booze? There is no place for adults to go and have a date night in this town. I absolutely bet they did in 1955.

Caroll Hearn

Dance halls and drinking do not represent what the forefathers wanted to build when they established the city of Lake Jackson.

Ginger Mitchell

You can dance at the Lake Jackson Civic Center if you rent it and your venue can have alcohol there. So why can’t we have a place in Lake Jackson to dance?

Nicole Veach

No. I think nightclubs will bring drugs, prostitution and fights. I would love to see more family-friendly establishments in Lake Jackson.

David Peters

Yes. It’s the only thing that keeps people from going to Houston. Lake Jackson is the only place that has class and dignity. If you go to Freeport or Surfside you risk dealing with more local cops and state troopers or county. But Lake Jackson can be good, but I would have nightclubs. Just do small bars.

Shonda Terrill

Why would anyone say no? If you don’t want to go, stay home. This would keep our money in our community. It would keep people safe, not having to drive to Houston. We have Uber now and people do use it. This is why people move out of LJ; there is nothing to do here.

Jasmine Strother

I’m not against it, but worry about safe locations not so close to small businesses, housing or schools.

Todd Broussard

Lake Jackson should have bars there, no different than any other city.

Kindra Benge

After reading most comments, people are OK with bars to go to and drink, play pool and watch sports in LJ, but not dance? I’m confused on how having a dance floor makes an establishment unacceptable.

Divad Porter

This is just a start. Next they will want tattoo shops. Get a grip on reality — too many old people totally set in their ways and won’t subject to change, even if it meant more money into the city.

Gary Funderburk

Hell yes! I for one would like to own a club, but restrictions make it impossible.

Khristi Killian-Valadez

I don’t see the harm in it. Location might be an issue, though.

Jessica Harkreader

Not really. I think there should be more things for families to do down here. I miss the place in Clute with the batting cages, go-karts, putt-putt. Anyone remember the arcade in the mall?

Danny Searcy

It blows my mind this is even a question. I lived there most of my life and never knew you could not have one. I remember some bars in LJ — Winnies lol. Wasn’t there a place called Shooters?

Linda Robinson-Starr

Born and raised in Galveston, lots of clubs. Theye’re not always a good thing. Using the reason to bring money in locally as an excuse to do so will not help anyone but the owners.

Joel Perkins

I think there plenty of bars in Lake Jackson. If you want to nightclub, go to Surfside. What Lake Jackson really needs is like Dave & Buster’s or Main Event with games, something for adults.

Amanda Mills

I don’t see anything wrong with it. We already have several bars downtown.

Bryan Menard

If, as the The Facts states in their article, this issue is about young versus old, then a ballot box scenario would be optimal for opponents of nightclubs: Young people will sign the petition but they won’t show up and vote. Prove me wrong.

The Lake Studio situation continues to be a hot topic based on the number of comments received when we post stories about it to social media. Here are some of the comments, including whether people think Lake Jackson should loosen its alcohol restrictions.

The Lake Studio situation continues to be a hot topic based on the number of comments received when we post stories about it to social media. Here are some of the comments, including whether people think Lake Jackson should loosen its alcohol restrictions.

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