Minneapolis Police Death Texas Protest

Protesters clash with Houston Police officers as they take to Bagby Street near City Hall in Houston during a demonstration Friday over the death of George Floyd.

There has been an abundance of protests throughout the world because of the senseless death of Houston native George Floyd, both peaceful and confrontational. I attended one Saturday night in downtown Houston.

It was something I wanted to do to directly make a change for the better, to open others’ eyes to the systematic racism that has engulfed police departments in America for years. People of all races — black, Hispanic, Asian, white and others — joined to make people hear and understand the voices that have been unheard for so long.

Marqus Williams is a sports writer for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0161 or marqus.williams@thefacts.com.

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Protesting is one thing. Rioting is something entirely different. For the record, I believe the African Americans protesting are doing so peacefully. The rioting and vandalism is mostly instigated by ANTIFA. JMO.

Angleton PD

Thank you for sharing your heart about this matter. Based on your comments I want all to know that the Police Service does hear your cries, owns the fact that one of our own should be held accountable, and that we want resolution. We all agree that what happened to Mr. Floyd was an atrocity, but it is also an atrocity that over a dozen officers have lost their lives and/or ability to be a police officer in the future from these riots. Our officers on the line are not aloud to engage in crowd chatter from a procedural and constitutional perspective, but the administrators are willing. I welcome the opportunity to have these tough discussions with anyone who has comments, concerns, questions and ideas about police service and the rule of law in a free society. I am here for all citizens regardless of race, color, religion, or creed to come to resolution in matters with the police service and commit to listen objectively and relay good ideas for resolution to entities like the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, The Texas Police Chief's Association, The International Association of Chief's of Police, local legislatures, and judiciaries. We all want a peaceful society that facilitates freedom for all. The protests have worked. We want to talk, but please put down the violence so we can talk and actually make change.


Aaron Ausmus

Chief of Police

City of Angleton, TX


I believe %98 of policemen/women are in their profession for the right reasons. It's the other 2% that needs to be weeded out ASAP


You are dreaming if you believe that this will be the last unjustified death of any person by police in America. Humans are not perfect!

What must CHANGE is for the government to put an end to looting and attempts to destroy American cities and businesses. This is NOT protesting...this is PURE EVIL!

a and complete end to the


So you are more upset with the rioters and looters and not the police who calloulsy, with hands in pocket, killed a restrained black man? I'd said pure evil was what those 4 officers did to Mr. Floyd. I don't agree with the rioters or looting in any way but as someone who marched, those people don't represent the masses.


First off I'm on the record saying all four should be charged. Secondly I stated above I thought most of the rioting was being instigated by ANTIFA which appear to be a bunch of spoiled white brats. Now if your response was not directed at me I apologize


It wasn’t directed at you, Bulldog. It was in response to BillNancy. I do appreciate your apology.

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