As much as political leaders and pundits like to cite scientific consensus as unarguable fact, consensus can change. New classification schemes can emerge. New information can shake loose even the most firmly held beliefs as the scientific method is impartial to politics or patronage. This flexibility and willingness to learn is key to discovery and to human knowledge.

Still, it can be jarring when basic truths seem to abruptly shift. Things like the number of planets or, say, the number of oceans on Earth.

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And I suppose it will be a racist ocean.


We won’t grow in knowledge under regressive , Godless , pagan philosophy of the dem party and left. They are pushing more towards communism/ socialism . Policies, actions and ran an avowed communist on their party ticket

Now all the beta tests in the world show this fails man kind. Either through freedoms lost, economic deprivity, disappearance of basic goods , economic collapse . My example: current China: Freedoms lost, Venezuela Freedom lost economic loss, Soviet Union. System collapsed , Communist China was starving until they switched to a capitalist economy .Dems depraved pagan minds think they can do this right. So did others

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