People should be able to ask questions

I would like to say I saw Deputy Tait Cooper’s video, but it was canceled, unlike the careless hit piece by Raven Wuebker.

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Father of Six

Mr. Koziol. Mr. Morris and Mrs. Mintz find it appropriate to convict a police officer via editorial and ask for patient for a politician in the same week. You can't defend the indefensible in either case. Everyone should contact the Southern Newspapers Inc. and let them know what is going on at The Facts. Mr. Allen, Amen. Too bad The Facts editorial board, Mr. Morris and Mrs. Mintz have decided to side with liberal abortionist. September 1st will be a great day in Texas.


The facts hates AG Paxon. They attack him every chance they can. Well he got cleared of charges by a politically led offense. Have you seen the facts print this?? No, their bitterness because he’s a conservative , they won’t give folks the truth

The truth escapes this newspaper. Where’s the coverage on Afghanistan? Where’s the sorrow and stories of the Golden Star families walking out on Biden? This paper will not give the truth on Democrats. They shield and protect.

But they all of a sudden become journalist when their is a repub president for example.

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