With Texans already casting absentee ballots, Gov. Greg Abbott is making it more difficult to vote by closing ballot drop-off locations.

His adversaries are calling that vote suppression — and they’re right.

Ross Ramsey is executive editor and co-founder of The Texas Tribune, a nonpartisan, nonprofit media organization. Contact Ramsey at rramsey@texastribune.org.

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Democrats need multiple drop-off points for their Three Card Monty scam to be hard to trace.


I guess republicans don’t drop off their ballots?! It’s always us against them in your world. This disenfranchises many people not just the scary boogeymen Democrats. What is your term for the scam Abbott is pulling? It wasn’t a concern 4 years ago, 8 years ago, or even 20 years ago and now suddenly it is. Desperation.

Father of Six

Disenfranchised. This doesn't mean what it did when I was younger. It's sure starting to seem like it means stupid, lazy, ignorant people. Sad, just go vote.


Such harsh words for people who want to exercise their right to vote. First trump pushed the mail in ballot fraud battle cry. Now as people want to drop off their ballots they are finding drop off spots closed which have been opened in elections past. Where is the logic in that? What’s sad is those so called stupid lazy ignorant people, as you put it, are trying to vote and are willing to drop off in person yet the Republicans in charge is trying to make that hard. Abbott proved my point that voter suppression is a greater threat to our election than the well disproven voter fraud conspiracy.

Father of Six

Name one disenfranchised person and I will take you seriously. Otherwise its just one more false narrative. It's a big word that means nothing but another way for democrats to divide the country. Just go vote.


I really don’t care if you take me seriously. Wasn’t it the disenfranchised white male who hated Obama so much they voted for trump (the silent majority)? Now it’s a bad term although my use was not directed towards a particular party. Again people are trying to vote...the point of this opinion.


Can we expect anything less from left wing dem propagandist Ramsey

Ramsey won’t dare print the mail in ballot issues in Texas. Fraud has been charged for ballot harvesting

I don’t have any problem wit any voting unless it can be verified. I don’t trust the dem party nor their media


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