September 11th Terrorist Attacks

Thick smoke billows into the sky from the area behind the Statue of Liberty, lower left, where the World Trade Center towers stood on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. The towers collapsed after terrorists crashed two planes into them.

A political party wouldn’t accept the legitimacy of the man in the White House. They wondered if he had the smarts for the job and criticized him for taking so many vacation days.

Conspiracy theories abounded. A top aide to the former president died under mysterious circumstances, and the former first couple had been accused of arranging his death. Evangelicals were pushing a book calling the one-time leader of the free world a murderer.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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You forgot ANTIFA and BLM burning cities and attacking police ? Wanting to defund and kill them!!

You forgot a President whom the facts and dems and media tried to impeach on false charges and pumped the fake Russian hoax and still won’t admit they were wrong ,just to attack a President they didn’t agree with. Maybe unity should states with a honest, unbiased , leave their ideological beliefs out of their news , press and report truth on both parties


I didn’t ever see any editorial to unite behind President Trump. What we heard from the dems and dem media was resist!!! I’ve never seen in my lifetime a President under such hateful attack from a political party and their sheep media. Unite?


Biden approval rating is 46% 27 % strongly agree and 46% strongly disagree accordingly to Rasmussen polls. Not 50%

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