Does evil exist?

John the Baptist lost his head when he did not hesitate to expose the immortality of Herod and chose to die a martyr’s death rather than compromise his convictions.

David Kaw is a resident of Lake Jackson

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BWHAAAA. Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in you. Nowhere in your rant did you give a specific example of President Trumps actions that would compare to the most evil people in world history. The divisiveness has came from those who have wet their pants ever since our beloved president was elected. Instead of living with the voters choice, the leftists/globalist have done nothing but riot, destroy public property, assault people and attempt to murder people who support our galant President. Meanwhile the leftists embedded in our government have made up lies, and used those lies to try to overthrow the president. They used those lies to obtain illegal warrants and destroy good people's lives. These are left overs from the previous Banana republic president's administration. So go find your safe place. It's going to be another long 4 years for you and your ilk


What a bunch of bull. But he is right about one thing and that's the moral decay brought on by the Democrats. Who would have ever thought they would vote down a bill to protect a born alive baby at birth? Who would have thought the Democrat party would support men in women's sports and allow men in women's restrooms and locker rooms? Hang on folks, they are about to stoop to a new low in their effort to get rid of President Trump.


Who would have thought that the party of conservative values would support a man who grabs women by the meow meow's; who paid a porn star and a Playboy Playmate to keep quiet about affairs he was having with them while his wife was pregnant with their child; who curses at his rallies and demeans those who do not support him; who lied about knowing the women he was having an affair with; and who was once pro-choice and a Democrat?!?! Let's not forget the greatest Christian in the history of Christianity can't even pronounce the name of a book in the bible correctly, a book he calls the greatest he has ever read....hahaha like he really reads. Hang on because trump IS going to continue to erode this country.

Father of Six

What a waste of digital space. Mr. Kaw do really think Adolf Hitler was the first horrible leader? Ever heard of the Crusades or Attila the Hun? Goodness man I hope your weren't educated in Brazoria County. Greta Thunberg, really? Aiming a little low for your hero's aren't ya? I've asked you global warming alarmist this more than once, but I'll ask you again. I've lived in the area for 57 years and I still travel the Blue Water highway back and for the to Galveston. Where is the rise in sea levels I'm supposed to be breathlessly worried about? I suggest your read Titus and stop spewing your hate of President Trump and this country.


I suggest you read the NOAA site ( about rising sea levels and why you don't notice them in your little confined world. I beg to differ about Mr. Moody's hate for this country but this is what trump has taught y'all. If someone doesn't agree, they are the enemy of the people, they hate this country. The same country where they work, raise families, own property and businesses, go to church, pay their taxes, and say the same pledge of allegiance as y'all.


Kaw is a blinded lost soul. Why did he overlook Obama’s massive lies to millions on healthcare economy , Iran , IRS scandal and other immoral activities

Be careful Mr Kaw refereeing Christian works

Do you know what God said about murdered of innocent children as the Jews once did in their history of idol worshipping? He would send wrath upon those who have blood on their hands. So your party worships abortion on demand. Now we see dems take it to another level. Killing a delivered live baby that survived abortion. 60 million babies killed by you and your party and you reference John the Baptist’s??

The dems have been demagoguing those whom they disagree with for decades . They have no moral concern if it’s true or not. Just personal destruction like they tried on Kavanagh. All were lies and set up by Boxer

They have been doing the same since Trump took office. What you dems and leftist don’t like is he fights back so you call him divisive

Obama was the most divisive Prez we’ve had in decades. He reignited racial, sexual and class warfare. All part of Alinskys and communist manifesto playbooks

Mr Kaw try really reading Jesus word then review your own party


When you start you rants with blinded lost soul and other immoral activities I think you are speaking of trump. Do you think he has repented for cheating on his wife so many times? Do you think he repents for the daily lies he spews? Do you think he even prays? And again, you realize trump was pro-choice until he decided to become a republican after he was an Independent and Democrat? So in theory he was a part of the baby killing too, right?

Bulldog, perhaps you can bring PB&J into your safe space. The rants are getting scarier and scarier.


My safe place is Jesus and all are welcome.

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