It is easy to look past inequality

I am a white retiree who grew up during the Civil Rights era. My ancestors fought for the Confederacy. I attended an almost all-white high school whose mascot was the Rebels. At football games, a pretend Confederate soldier galloped on horseback along the sidelines, waving a Confederate flag while the band played “Dixie.” We loudly repeated the chant: The South Shall Rise Again. I loved the romantic feel of the Confederacy at Six Flags Over Texas.

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I hope your white guilt brings you happiness

Father of Six

You are forgiven.


As a Vet of Vietnam era and lost fellow soldiers, who served, I oppose all protest during the National Anthem and Flag ceremony. My right to protest is guaranteed as well. I will not watch the NFL or any sport ,nor support any protest during this event


As the spouse of someone who served in the Gulf War and as the family member of a POW/MIA from the Korean War, I support everyone’s right to protest even during the national anthem. PJBM, thank you for your service.


Just curious, are you upset with the blue lives matter flag as that is disrespecting the American flag by turning the colors to black white and blue?!?!


Thank you, Ms. McCann. Empathy is lacking from many posters on this site unfortunately. They mock your position because they themselves know they have a lot of soul searching to do.


I have none. I never owned slaves and none of my ancestors have. In fact my great great grandfather was from Tennessee and served in the Union calvary as a lieutenant. He took a mini ball to the leg which disabled him for life.

Father of Six

You're correct, I do soul searching everyday. The answers are in the Bible. Especially those about race relations. Ms. McCann lost me when she quoted the all inspiring leader of the NFL as her guidance. On a personal note.. I appreciate you sharing your views, even if it doesn't seem like it. I will miss them when my subscription runs out.


Ms McCann, in your last paragraph, you attempt to present an argument for both sides concerning racial equality and are right that we can do better. However, it will be a long road to haul until the hard core racists die out; they will never change their upbringing. Those who kneel or otherwise disrespect the American flag (upside down) are entitled to their opinion and free speech. However, there are other ways to demonstrate. Someone may be a red, blue, black or green; may be a veteran, have great grandfathers who fought for the Union, Confederacy, or not at all; but they are wrong to disrespect the flag. Some say it represents those who have fought and died for it; but it’s more – it represents us.[huh][crying]

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