Are you ready? I am, all locked and loaded: club, pepper spray, shield, Molotov cocktail, MAGA cap and T-shirt.

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The democrats look to win Texas through mail in ballots. These drop boxes are not the only means to vote. You have early voting, election day voting and absentee voting that you request and mail back in.


Baloney!!!!!!! It is Antifa BLM that is burning looting and murdering. And they are doing this with the democrats approval.


Now they are Antifa BLM backed by the Democrats approval?!?! You need a vacation, Bulldog.


Lebron James and More than a Vote have stepped up to provide lyft vouchers for those individuals disenfranchised in Harris County by the governor's actions. Republicans keep changing the rules yet its the Democrats who are accused on trying to cheat and steal an election. Okay.

Father of Six

Wow! Really, Lebron James? Well why didn't you say he was for Joe Biden. Lebron can dribble and dunk. He also dribbles when he speaks. Goodness gracious natives you sound like my sixth grader.


What is it about the facts that I presented that intimidates you so much that you compare me to a 6th grader? Lebron didn’t say only Biden voters can get the voucher; that’s just your ignorance and hate on display. Attempted insults is all you have; pathetic, Fo6, pathetic.

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