Legislators need to consider importance of voters

It seems that some of our Texas legislators don’t value our votes very highly. When the comprehensive voting bill (SB 7) was being negotiated during the last hours of the regular session, a whole new section was added to make it easier to contest an election. Not only were new grounds added on which to bring a contest, but the standard of proof was lowered. Instead of having to show actual irregular voting occurred, the new section would have allowed an election to be overturned on allegations that it was likely it occurred.

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Voter ID. Period for every vote


Right on, Mr. Garza.

Father of Six

I'm sorry but I read SB7 and can't find what you are talking about. Can you help me out and give me a clue where to find it? I couldn't find anything concerning overturning votes. If an alleged fraud accusation has met the preponderance of evidence clause then there would be a hearing.


I posted the fraud cases in Texas against dems but the facts nor native want to acknowledge the truth.

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