John F. Kerry, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald J. Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. all agree: The election they contested was the most important of our lifetime.

That phrase is getting considerable attention these days, in part because it has been repeated so often, because it creates urgency, because it may promote bigger voter turnout, and because this time, it might actually be true.

David M. Shribman is the former executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Follow him on Twitter at ShribmanPG.

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I find it hard to believe someone gets paid to write this gibberish. He is correct about one thing. This is the most important election in modern history. The choice is clear. Do we live under the tyranny of a communist government where all your choices are made for you? Or do we live free to make our own choices. If the democrats succeed in winning the presidency and the senate, we will become a one-party system led by Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and AOC. They will pack the courts and add welfare states to the union ensuring one party rule.

President Trump handled the panicdemic better than the previous administration. There have been 5 million cases so far of the Chinese virus vs 60 million cases of H1N1 under the obama administration. President Trump has renegotiated our trade agreements to make them fair rather than us giving everything away. " relations and institutions unsettled" what is this anyway? Just more gibberish.

" with grave divisions seeming to widen in the population" this started in 2008 under the previous administration. Obama put a target on the backs of every police officer with his divisive rhetoric.

If biden is elected, he is going to shut down the energy sector, and ship the rest of our jobs to his puppet masters in China. He has been bought and paid for by the Chinese government.


We do agree that this is the most important election in modern history, perhaps for different reasons, yet there is agreement. You cry that the Democrats will pack courts which is what the Republicans are doing and have done. Amy Barret Cohn was yet another example of the hypocrisy by the Republicans. Why the rush to push through her nomination and confirmation right before an election and swear her in at night? Because they want to stack the court. I don't understand how anyone would want to do away with the check and balances that make our country great.

President Obama saying that Trayvon Martin could have been his son (my son could have been Trayvon Martin; am I divisive by that truthful statement?) is divisive to you yet trump saying that there are fine people amongst the white supremacists in Charlottesville or darn near choking when asked to condemn white supremacists is not divisive? You realize the black and brown communities have had targets on their back for a long time. I don't condone violence against police nor do I condone the violence by police. I also don't condone a leader who equates BLM with Antifa yet requests the Proud Boys to stand by and his people to be poll watchers.

You should do a little research and see that your boy is the puppet for China. That account y'all are hollering is closed in China (the one opened to pursue business in China) is not closed per trump org attorney, Alan Garten. He claims it hasn't been used since 2015 but it remains open. Look at what his businesses are doing in China. Look at the money Ivanka is making over there. Did you know up until last year China's largest state controlled bank rented 3 floors in trump tower? Any honest rational person can see that China plays an active role in trump's life.


You keep repeating the same old lies. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat it, it will not become true. President Trump denounced the white supremacists at Charlottesville, but you and the other sycophants keep repeating the same edited clip. When Brown was shot obama and the rest of the leftists were all up in arms before gathering the facts and adding to the unrest. I guess you flunked civics. The President nominates the justices, and the Senate either confirms or denies the nomination. There is nothing in the constitution or any law on the books that overrule this. That IS NOT court packing. It is fulfilling the obligations of the President and the Senate. And you can bet your last dollar the democrats would have done the same if they were able.


As opposed to your honest, truthful rhetoric? Too bad trump doesn't understand that the more times he repeats lies doesn't mean they will become the truth. He'd have more time to actually do a decent job instead of focusing on his ego and ruining this great country. Actually, I was an honor student, thank you. You can spin it whichever way you want, however, we all know you'd be having a fit if the tables were turned...which they very well may be in the near future. Haha I'm a sycophant and crack me up, Bulldog. Perhaps you should go on tour with trump and open at his rallies lol


Of course I would be upset, but at least I would know thats the way it is.

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