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Texas state Rep. Jessica Gonzales speaks during a news conference early Monday in Austin after House Democrats staged a last-ditch walkout to block a bill outlining new voting restrictions from coming to a vote by the midnight deadline. By leaving the floor, the House lacked a quorum and could take no action on any pending legislation.

It’s little surprise state Rep. Cody Vasut would post a complaint to social media about his Democratic colleagues in the Texas House, who walked out of the chamber Sunday night to prevent the passage of bills they found to be particularly abominable.

“Serving in the House is a privilege and great responsibility,” the first-term legislator wrote of his disappointment. “The people of Texas expect us to show up to work and do our jobs. Intentionally walking away to avoid casting a vote is the epitome of legislative malfeasance.”

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Democrats just trying to maintain their cheating ways. There is no way an eligible American citizen will be hindered in voting.


Repubs have never walked out even when dems had the majority. Dems have done this twice. Dems change the rules too . Like Schumer and Washington. Harry Reid ??

Remember your beloved obama so rudely said to John McCain on TV, elections have consequences. Actually dems haven’t gained that much. Last election for dems in Texas wasn’t good ,but for decades you dem cultist like the facts and Tribune say the demographics are changing. What you didn’t factor is young Hispanics are swinging towards Repubs


Rude is telling John McCain he is a loser for being captured.




Both were rude. No concerns for Russia influence these days. You folks were addicted to the lie dems and their cult media like the facts printed as a nothing burger for 4 years. Now Biden takes campaign money from the Russian pipeline company then lifts sanctioms for go ahead. Also took millions from Moscow mayor. But facts is silent as other so called Russian influence followers?? Explain?! Is it ok for a dem to be under Putin’s boot like Obama Biden was

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