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Texas NAACP President Gary Bledsoe speaks at a news conference Sunday at the Capitol against Senate Bill 7, known as the Election Integrity Protection Act. The measure failed when Democrats left the House floor, breaking a quorum and preventing a vote by the midnight deadline.

Texas is the latest state to have a big fight over reforming its election laws. Remember that in Georgia, some Democrats — like President Joe Biden — said a Republican-passed law that made several commonsense changes to election practices was “Jim Crow on steroids.” You won’t be surprised some Democrats are saying similar things about a bill that would make changes — Republicans call them commonsense changes — in Texas.

But this time, state Democrats have dramatically raised the stakes. On Sunday night, Democratic lawmakers walked out of the Texas House of Representatives. Realizing they were headed to defeat at the hands of majority Republicans, Democrats fled the House, which they knew would mean there would not be a quorum of lawmakers present in the House, which would mean proceedings could not continue. House action stopped. The election-reform bill, known as SB7, was dead.

Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Contact him at

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Democrats rely on the fraud vote


Dems are cowards and thwart the will of the citizens of Texas. They voted for lawmakers to do their duties and not to walk out AGAIN , like little babies and tyrants ,if they don’t get their way .This is very sad and irresponsible

Election have consequences according to dems. Obama, Pelosi all stated this. Yes they do dems. You lost. Repubs are in majority due to will of voters. The only voter suppression is honest legal voters. That’s whose getting oppressed by the dems and their radical groups. Dems in Texas were got on various accounts of voter fraud this past election

Get the bill passed and let the dems cry. That’s what they do. Who cares about what the facts or dem propaganda media says. Heck they can’t even report unbiased national or state news


And "they" delete posts that call them out


And I still stand by my previous comment. Really PJBM, you don't care about what the Facts says? That's 98% of your posts. Be honest with yourself. I remember a time when I posted that voter suppression was more of a concern than the voter fraud lie a former twice-impeached one term president (and you based on your comments) was pushing and I was told that voter suppression didn't exist and it was a distraction from the left. Yet now you state that voter suppression is happening to the honest legal voters. You realize that is part of the issue Democrats have with this....making it hard for all legal voters, no matter the party affiliation, to vote. There is hope for you.


Let me try again. Trump wasn’t impeached. Being so called impeached by liars , depraved minds, hate, while the very accusation by dems on withholding money for Quid pro quo Joe Biden did. It’s hard to communicate with blind , fogged minds . Yes voter suppression is against the folks who want honest legal voting. Dems want wide open avenues to cheat


The facts state differently concerning impeachment no matter how you feel about those who impeached trump, one term. Try communicating with a closed mind; ain’t easy. Again you’re arguing one of the same points as the Dems but your closed mind won’t let you see it. Have a good evening, PJBM,


Also exactly why I post on the facts to bring awareness to their biased reporting and they can get more fair and balanced news elsewhere


Bulldog, you are right. They know their lack of balanced coverage


So native you trust men who were caught lying multiple times and coveting witnesses To be impeached by the criminal organization dem party is a glorious crowning. Because they attack good people who oppose their evil. When you have the corrupt dem propaganda media support these clowns, it’s another glorious accomplishment

Let’s review the dems during Trump, Kavanagh,: set up false charges on this man even Fords key witnesses denied happen. But dems , Morris , dem propaganda media ran the dem narrative. Talk about embarrassing for dems and their media. Dang they lost what credibility they had. Then the Russian hoax. What happened? 4 years hundreds of stories and even NY Times says this was a farce and the dossier was a fake just two weeks ago

Has the dems or media corrected themselves. Heck no

There were no impeachments.Dems have no credibility and majority of Americans didn’t side with dems Native needs this lie to be fed to him. He cannot discern lies from facts due to worship of an evil organization

Now native , I’m sure you saw Biden bragging on video holding money to Ukraine unless they dismiss prosecutors!! I assume you are ok with it. You haven’t commented. We know facts are ok

Now Joe took campaign money from Russian pipeline company lobbyist ,whom he lifted sanctions on . I thought Morris and you were very concerned about soft or collusion with Russia??? You were for 4 years!!! Have you evolved. By the way just because Morris or facts cheated their subscribers by not giving out truth on this bribe , it happened and we will get the story out and noting the local paper won’t even cover it


Rasmussen whose polling is spot on

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Move along gentlemen. None of this has anything to do with the topic of the column, which is how Democrats thwarted passage of election laws. Stick to the topic or vent elsewhere.

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