Brazosport Rotary Shrimp Boil

Brazosport Rotary member Tim Keefe hands out meals via drive-thru at the club’s shrimp boil at the Lake Jackson Civic Center on Saturday. This year the event was held entirely via drive-thru and sold out before 12:30 p.m..

Editor's note: This story has been changed from its original post to correct who prepared the food for the Shrimp Boil.


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How do you know Mr. Lindell is a liar? Just because your cronies say so. I challenge the democrats to put up or shut up. Let's have a fully transparent audit of the votes in the 5 swing states in question. If a signature cannot not be matched to a vote it gets disregard. Of course that will never happen.


Forget Mike Lindell, what they really are going after is ALL conservative speech.


CNN is going to decide what is truth.. that’s scary


Lindell is not only a purveyor of falsities he also makes a horrible pillow that he shucks for a ridiculous price. Did y’all watch the NewsMax anchor walk out of the Lindell interview? I’m sure it wasn’t because of Lindell’s fact filled rant. Facts matter as many have learned.


Yeah. I don't like his pillows either. If you lay on your side the pillow engulfs your face and suffocates you. But none the less.

Father of Six

When you quote CNN's Jake Taper you lose all credibility. Where's the Russia collusion proof we heard about for so long? This is what people mean when they say Mr. Morris and the Facts have a liberal bias. Get that log out of your eye Mr. Morris.

Father of Six

A shame. The Facts and scumbag Hunter Biden. And you want to pick on Mike Lindell. Shame on you Mr. Morris, Mrs. Mintz and Mrs. McCarty.

Father of Six

Lie. On Jan. 4th President Biden promised $2000 stimulus checks. Lying Mr. Morris won't talk about that he chooses to go after private citizen Mike Lindell. Stop the war on conservatives Mr. Morris.

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